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  1. Jessie Chair PSPB open back Mid century

    As low as $195.00

  2. Tawny Timeless Black Steel Chair & Dark Brown Vinyl Seat


  3. Calliope Vintage Style Metal Chair With Padded Seat and Back

    As low as $129.00

  4. Kean Steel Chair with Leather Seat and Back

    As low as $169.00

  5. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Dining Chair - Walnut


  6. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Bar Stool - Walnut


  7. Alpena Modern Upholstered Dining Chair - Black and Solid Wood

    As low as $249.00

  8. Jeremy Chair PSPB Velvet Brown


  9. Charles Barkley Modern Leather Dining Armchair

    As low as $233.95

  10. Charlie Modern Leather Dining Arm Chair

    As low as $256.00

  11. Cozy Chair

    As low as $287.95

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Polished/ Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

Who doesn’t like to visit a formal restaurant, reminiscent of the ornamental and flamboyant eateries of the old times when eating out meant dressing up and enjoying the meal among people you like!

Chair Up brings back those times of formal fun and sophisticated, elite look with the polished and upholstered chairs that are great to look at and an excellent buy for restaurant owners. 

Whether you are setting up a bar or have a restaurant hall to adorn, take a look at the bar and restaurant chairs here that give a polished look to add value to your space. Chair Up does not only design glossy chairs for restaurants or diners. If you can imagine any of the designs here for your office, waiting for areas, meeting rooms, or any other space, then click on it and buy now!

However, since most restaurants and cafes will need comfortable sitting in restaurants and bars, we encourage you to look at all the designs before deciding the theme and arranging the décor. The polished finish on upholstered chairs does not demand a lot of care or maintenance routine, so you will find them to be an excellent addition to the look and an easy and manageable fixture for your business space.


Popular Upholstered Restaurant Chairs

• Metal Heston PSPB Chair

The lightweight metallic chair that qualifies as wood is a straight back with non-slip legs. The mahogany color and the black upholstery is sleek and easy to maintain. You can wipe clean the black vinyl upholstery, and the chair will see seasons come and go!

Metal Heston is lightweight and can be moved around with ease. Restaurant and bar owners often pick this design as you have the liberty of trying different vinyl upholstery as well! Order the chair as it is or with your particular changes and receive them within five days.  

• Tufted PSPB 

The hardwood legs with floor protectors support an elegant seat with a tufted back and a comfortable cushion. These chairs have some raving reviews, and we know that your customers will connect with your space because of the comfort and style of this chair alone! 

The rich leather and the matching wooden legs are a classic style statement. We can assure you that your customers will come again, and the Tufted PSPB will look as new as ever to them! The easy-to-clean tufted chair is a low-maintenance chair that looks exquisite with all kinds of table tops

• Jessie Chair PSPB Grey Velvet

With various colors to choose from, try out the Jessie, with a lightweight frame of Beachwood and a comfortable cushion for customers who want to enjoy good food and company! If you order today, the chair will reach you within seven to 14 days. We offer Quick-ship on this item because we know you can’t wait to receive them. Choose the color that fits the ambiance of your business space and order away!

• Metal Ladderback Padded Black

The reclaimed wood seat is a comfortable, spacious chair with comfort contouring and a light metal frame but goes on for years! Outdoors or indoors, the comfortable Ladderback remains a classic choice.

You can pick colors for the wood finish seat, and it comes with a polished smooth surface that adds value to it. You can combine the Ladderback look with any tabletop options from our table section, and we know your restaurant will look like an inviting picture for all customers!  


Frequently Asked Questions

• Are Polished/ upholstered Chairs For Restaurants And Bars Only?

No! We cater to all kinds of space setups and arrangements. As we mentioned ourselves, the upholstered, wooden, outdoor & bentwood chairs you see on the website can be ordered by anyone and everyone! Whether you run an event management business or need extra chairs for your elaborate luncheons and dinners. We cater to all! 

• Are Polished /upholstered Chairs Better Than The Metal Chairs?

Chair Up has various designs for the different settings and restaurant interiors and outdoor restaurant locations. Each item on the website is specially designed for all buyers. You can select anyone that you like, but none of them is lower in quality or comfort in any way!

• Should I Buy upholstered Chairs For Indoors Only?

Chair Up has suitable options for all kinds of settings. Suppose you think the restaurant chairs in polished finish will look good with your outdoor theme. In that case, you can use them as the protective polish, and the quality of upholstery material is also sturdy enough to withstand the outdoors. We ensure that all our customers can use all the chair options in the way they want!