Metal Chairs

Metal Chairs

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  1. Reclaimed Square Chair Walnut
    Reclaimed Square Chair
    As low as $155.00
  2. Metal Ladderback Chair Walnut
    Metal Ladderback Chair
    As low as $89.95
  3. Benson Wooden Industrial Metal Chair -Walnut
    Benson Wooden Industrial Metal Chair
    As low as $147.00
  4. Ronnie Chair Walnut
    Ronnie Chair
    As low as $130.95
  5. Vertical Chair Walnut SR
    Vertical Metal Chair SR
    As low as $107.95
  6. Metal Ladderback Padded Back PSPB Chair-Walnut
    Metal Ladderback Padded Back PSPB Chair
    As low as $165.95
  7. Tornado Chair Walnut
    Tornado Chair
    As low as $94.95
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Metal Restaurant Chairs

Congratulations on finding the best metal chairs that go with all kinds of interiors and outdoor set-ups for restaurants and cafes. We don’t limit our customers to just a bunch of eatery-owners so even if you want to gather some quality stock for your next big event, you came to the right place. 

Metal chairs from Chair Up are not just space fillers, but they are a comfortable seating arrangement for your outdoor spaces and indoor settings with a theme. 

When you want to liven up any space, these chairs will come in handy as they are easy to stack, light, and still do not take away from being a beautiful sight!

Chair Up promises quality with restaurant furniture durability. We are a proud vendor who can never say that we have customers returning for the same product because our chairs last longer. Whether upholstered, wooden, bentwood or outdoor chairs, we can make such a statement for all our products

The material of every model is treated to live longer due to the extra protection from rust and other environmental hazards such as wind, sun, and dust. We ensure that the finishing touches are not only aesthetic but give the right finesse for all types of settings.

Whether you have a patio bar or an English garden, every setting looks beautiful with Chair Up! Restaurant and bar owners don't have to worry about fabric stains, harsh outdoor damages what’s even better is that our chairs are built to withstand anything! When you need to wrap up from outdoors, you can move these indoors!

Speaking of indoors, we have filled up some of the chicest and stylish indoor spaces with some of our banquet metal chairs and long-lasting designs in aluminum and steel to suit the themes. Whether you want to give a homely environment or require lightweight chairs for easy stacking, you will find all of them here! 

Our Best Selling Metal Chairs

• Isimar Bolonia Side Chair Wired Mesh Steel (Black/white)

Here’s a beauty that will add more to your space! Isimar Bolonia is an ideal side chair with a simple and sturdy design. 

The rubber caps on the legs will keep them noise-free while the treated steel will go for years. This stackable chair can be moved in and out as often as you like and our customers rave about the comfort they provide! Order today to receive these comfy and sleek chairs within a week!

• Atom Aluminum Chair Stacking

The aluminum chair with a smart design will last a lifetime! The design and construction of this chair never grow old! Chair Up offers quick shipping on this product and you can order it even when the opening is near! 

The maximum number of days for shipping is five days. The simple back and woven rope seat make the chair comfortable, and extremely good to look at! 

• Sara Chair Natural

The tight wicker weave and the lightweight frame of this chair are as fresh and comforting as the name! The chair is available in various colors so you can pick the one that suits your place. 

However, all the other features can never be out of place. The steel finish aluminum frame and the floor protectors show the care and detailed thought that goes into this design. Chair Up promises comfort and style, and they come together in a perfect balance with Sara! You can order today to receive the order within five days. 

• Micro Aluminum Arm Chair

We sell these chairs as a set, and they are inviting for couples, looking for a good time outdoors! The aluminum armchairs are light, easy to maintain, and can stack well. The white finish and attractive design can go well with any type of restaurant table top.

Your restaurant/eatery will be upgraded with this restaurant chair. The maximum shipping time is three days while we can deliver it within a day too! Add some charm in sets of two and marvel at how they bring out the best!

• Plicker Weave chair

The weave chair will add a refreshing touch to your restaurant or eatery. An easy cup of coffee or a lawn set-up looks great with these chairs! The nylon material can tolerate sun and rain. Pick the color of choice and order now to receive this beauty with five days! 

This chair is available with, or without arms and is stackable for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How Many Days Does It Take To Deliver?

Chair Up has mentioned the delivery times for each item on the page. The maximum period required for shipping is around 30 days, but most outdoor chairs are shipped between five days and two weeks. 

• Do We Need To Keep Metal Chairs Dry?

Chair Up uses adequate material for all the chairs and the metal ones are fit to keep outdoors. We understand that restaurants and cafes are places where water spills and food stains can be common. Every chair is treated to withstand environmental hazards. 

• How Do We Clean Metal Chairs?

Metals chairs are low-maintenance as you can wipe them with a wet cloth and voila! You are ready for your next service. The finish of all metal chairs includes protectants and anti-rust treatment, which keeps the chairs safe from rusting. 

• Are Chair Up Metal Chairs For Outdoors?

Your chairs, your choice! The designs from Chair Up are suitable for indoor settings and outdoor restaurants and go with particular themes and moods. Indoor restaurants where lightweight and easily stackable chairs are needed can find our designs attractive. 

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