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Navy Chair

As low as $185.95
Usually ships in 3-5 days
Width 15¾"
Height 33"
Depth 20½"
Weight 10lbs

The Navy chairs are a hot-seller, and we decided to showcase them for all our customers who want comfort but don’t want to compromise on style either. The aluminum Navy chairs are an excellent addition to any outdoor sitting as they are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Easy Stacking

These chairs are stackable, so you can store them indoors when you are not serving. Moreover, the lightweight material helps move these chairs around so that your customers don’t feel ‘weighed down’ if they want to move the chair closer to the table or simply push it away.


The cleaning of Navy chairs requires a damp wipe only as the paint is conditioned to stay clean and does not allow sand or dust to settle on it. The simple design also does not have any crevices or curves, or carved backs, which can be a menace to clean every day.

Comfort and Style

The contoured seat of the Navy chairs will give your customers a comfy seat so they can order again and again while enjoying hours at your eatery. For outdoor restaurants, the seating has to be weather-resistant, but it also has to look attractive, and our Navy chairs have adorned several spaces that look neat, not too formal, but quite inviting!

Finish and Material

These chairs will match with Aluminum or oak finish tabletops, or if you want to dress up the table, a crisp white or beige can match perfectly with this color! The other colors are red and aluminum finish, but whichever one you choose, the finish is tampered with to withstand the winds of time, and the paint will not lose its luster. Furthermore, these chairs are not going to scratch the flooring of the patio or ruin the grass underneath because of the protective rubber on the base of the legs.

The Price

Chair Up believes in keeping the profits nominal while providing our customers with a reliable vendor for all their restaurant, café, and bar furniture requirements. These Navy chairs are reasonably priced, so you can keep buying the same style when you think of expanding your business. Plan for it now because wherever these chairs go, walk-in customers begin to increase, and our orders are proof of the success of these chairs and the comfort they offer.

Order Now!

If you order today, the chairs will arrive within three to five days, so don’t wait for any further and set up your outdoor restaurant or café with these simple beauties that will go on for years!


  • Max Days5
    Min Days3
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