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Bistro Aluminum Bamboo Chair Blue

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Width 18"
Height 35"
Depth 21¾"
Weight 8lbs

Blue Bamboo Chair

Bamboo furniture can lighten the look for any outdoor restaurant, or café. Remember the retro diners with polka dot seats and an ice-cream colored interior? The Bistro will remind you of the simpler days and retro diners with the summery, cool and soft look of these chairs. The cushion color can be according to your choice, and the look will be the same!

Material and Maintenance

The wicker/cane look of the Bistro is long-lasting and does not change appearance due to the aluminum frame that is covered with the best paint finish. Once you get these chairs set in your business space, you will observe that cleaning them is easy. A damp cloth wipe will be more than enough for your restaurant’s new and fresh look to be visible in these chairs! 


The shipping from Chair Up is exemplary as you will not receive furniture shipments within three days from any other supplier. We know our customers’ needs, and we ensure that they get their orders on time to begin set-ups before the big openings!

Rope Low Back Bar Stool

Every design on our website is unique, but some stand out more than others. Rope Low Back stool is an excellent look for the rustic bars, or even early evening diners where bar stools are the welcoming spots for workmen on their way back from office! The easy stool with a stretchable, and well-woven seat that buoys up the spirits along with the body!


Rope Low Back is an excellent stool that supports the lower back and looks comfy for all customers. Bars have the most number of visitors during the late afternoon or early evening and this rope seater will give them a lighter feel as they enjoy the bar.

Frame and Sturdy Material

The polypropylene and polyester rope works wonders on a simple frame with a matt black finish. This stool is sturdy, and capable of tolerating the harsh weather conditions. The electro-galvanized steel frame has powder coating to prevent rusting and deterioration in the sleek look of the stool.

Many of our customers love the look of this stool, and what makes them more convenient is that they can be stacked to save space and keep them protected!

Shipping and Ordering

Now you can order these Rope Low Back stools by simply clicking on the product. We promise to deliver them safely to your doorstep within a maximum of nine days, and minimum five working days! Start preparing for the opening night as you will receive the stools on time!

  • Max Days5
    Min Days3
    MaterialsAluminum| Rattan
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