As they say, setting up is easy, but maintenance is hard work. When you set up the patio, designing and purchasing furniture and accessories might be easy.

Enjoy the new outdoor space for a few weeks, and the struggles of cleaning up rush in! The different materials in the patio will require different kinds of attention. The sofa and chairs will need some polishing or wiping.

However, the fabrics in the outdoor setting can be challenging. If you know how to clean the patio cushions, half of your worry goes away because this is the most delicate material on the patio. 

Patio cushions can be chair seats, couch backs, or even the extras you place as an aesthetic addition or to provide more comfort. Washing the cushions is more challenging than it sounds. The material, the kind of dirt, and even the type of weather in your area can determine what kind of washing is needed. 

Cleaning Patio Cushions

The way to clean patio cushions varies according to the kind of dirt and stains. Some patios are open to the sandy winds, while others may be exposed to dust storms, moisture and pollen. These natural factors can dirty outdoor upholstery and cushions in different ways.

Here are a few common reasons for cleaning, and the methods we share are tried and tested. 


Cleaning Patio Cushions With Sandy Deposit

The wind can bring along a lot of sand, and if that is the reason that your outdoor setting needs cleaning, here is an effective method to clean the cushions:

• Remove the filling from the cushion cover and beat the cover with a wooden bar or jerk the cushions with force to remove any loose sand particles. 

• Soak the cushion in water so the sand particles between the fiber can sink into the water.  

• When the sand settles at the bottom of the basin, remove the cushions and wash with detergent. 

This process will give your cushions a new shine because pillows with sandy deposits are not dirty, and you will not have to brush the stains or use harsh chemicals to remove any color. Moreover, the little use of detergent and a fabric softener can keep the cushions clean, so they look as new. 

Cleaning Cushions With Stains

Usually, cushion covers are made of different materials. Nowadays, there are many furs and faux leather cushions available for adornment. However, each of these materials can get stained by food, drinks, or polish or wax that you use on furniture. Here is a magic mix that keeps our patio furniture and upholstery sparkling clean:

• Mix one portion of dishwasher detergent and salt to two portions of water.

• Make a solution and spray it on the stain for some time.

• After a while, spray the solution again and use a soft brush to rub the stain.

• Use more spray to make more lather, and keep using the brush after intervals.

• Soak the cushion in water, and when the stain lightens considerably, wash the cushion with a mild detergent.

• If you have a fur or leather cushion, only the salt and dishwasher soap mix is best. You may wash the fur cushion, but only use a dry wipe for the faux leather material.

Grass Stain Removal

A very effective cleaning mixture can be made with Borax and dishwashing detergent. This mix is slightly more robust than the salt and detergent mix we discussed above.

However, this solution can ensure that the stubborn green stains from grass and moss are removed easily.

Moreover, this mixture is also mild on the fabric and will not spoil the look. You can scrub this mix onto the cushion and wait for the stain to lighten. As with all other methods, end the cleansing process with a fresh wash. 

Cleaning Dusty Cushions

Dust is trickier than sand because the particles are smaller and stickier. However, the first step will be to jerk the cushions and beat them to remove all the loose dust. Then soak the cushions but keep turning the cushions to get the dust particles out. 

Another effective way of getting us out of cushions can be using a pressure hose. Any garden hose and your finger can do the trick! Make sure that the pressure wash is not too high to tear the fabric. Once clean, you do not have to use detergent to wash the cushions. 

Cleaning Mildew Off Cushions

Getting mold or mildew off the cushions can cause discoloration, so be careful when you begin. Follow the steps below t ensure that your cushion remains unharmed. 

• Scrape the mildew off the cushion and ensure that you do not let the mold spores spread to other surfaces. 

• Spray white vinegar over the cushion and leave for ten minutes 

• If the spots and stains are stubborn, soak a cloth in vinegar and place it on top of the cushion. 

• After scraping the mildew again, soak a sponge in detergent and water and clean the cushion. 

After cleaning it with white vinegar, you can wash the cushion and air dry it in the sun. Your patio cushions will be good as new within a short while. 

Removing Oil Stains

Oil stains can be difficult because they become permanent and spread if you do not clean them on time.

The best way to remove oil stains is to soak the cushion in soapy water. Do not rub the stain. Many people say that boiling water helps get oil out of the cloth. 

If the fabric is silk, there is an exciting way of getting oil stains out of the cushions. You can use baby powder for this trick.

Sprinkle powder on the oil stain and place a cotton cloth on top. Use a hot iron to press the cushion, and the stain will be gone when you remove the cotton sheet. The baby powder absorbs oil from the fabric as the hot iron heats it. 

Cleaning Patio Cushions In Different Ways

The fabric for cushions can be suede, velvet, silk, fur, leather, and embellished. With each kind of fabric, you must be sure to use the right method. Similarly, the stain type will also determine how you use it.

We have shared two unique tricks that you might not find anywhere else. However, if you know what kind of cleaning is required for a particular fabric or stain, the results will be fantastic! 

Cushions With Wool Filling

If your cushions have removable covers, it can be easier to clean them. If your cushions are filled with polyester or fiber, washing the pillow, and filling can be easy.

However, if you have a woolen filling, it might be tough to clean it, and the shape of the cushion can change forever once the wool dries. You will need to clean the cushions without washing them with detergent later.

Previously, we discussed how the cushion cover can be washed with water and detergent. If the wool is dusty inside, the wash will ruin the look of your cushion as the wool becomes lumpy, and the dust stains the outer fabric.

The best way to wash mildew, sand, oil, or any stain from your patio cushion with woolen filling is to clean the cover only without letting the water get to the inner layers of the filling.

Way To Prevent Cushions From Getting Dirty

You cannot expect your patio furniture or accessories to always stay clean. However, you can prevent them from getting dirty too soon. Here are a few tips to keep your patio furniture and cushions dust and stain-free.

• Cover the sofas and cushions with a plastic sheet when the patio is not in use.

• Keep the cushions indoors and move them out only when you plan to sit on the patio.

• Use fabrics that are easy to ash.

• Do not keep the cushions out if it rains or there is too much moisture in the air.

Last Words

If you know how to clean patio cushions according to the fabric and type of stain, keeping them new for longer would be easier.

We have shared many cleaning methods, and if you follow the right one, you will repeat it and recommend it to others. Try all these methods and enjoy the fresh, stain-free cushions on the patio!

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