Patio furniture cleaning can be challenging, especially if you live in a windy or coastal area. Getting coarse sand off the wicker or wrought iron furniture is tough. If you have cushions and fabric couches, the cleaning can be even tougher.

However, we often forget the corners and spots not in the limelight. How to lean a patio umbrella above your furniture? We are sharing an effortless way of cleaning the patio squeaky clean.

Have you ever noticed that you enter any living space and notice the corners first? We hadn’t either! Of course, we all observe the furniture pieces and table tops, and that is why everyone remembers to clean them.

But the corners where dust and dirt lurk are the real tests of cleanliness. The patio umbrella must be lean; otherwise, your sitting area will look dirty.

How to Clean The Patio Umbrella

When you decide to clean the patio umbrella, there are no fixed tools to pull out of the garage. If you have a fabric canopy mounted on a circular or square frame, the best way to clean it would be to take it off and wash it.

However, other are other materials on the patio umbrella as well.

• Cleaning Fabric Umbrellas:

If you have an umbrella that can open and close at the base, it will be easy to remove the fabric. You will need a water hose, some detergent, a bucket, a scrub, and maybe a brush.

When you take off the umbrella, shake it a bit to get rid of the loose dust. They lay it flat on the floor and hose it until wet.

You can use soap and detergent mixed in water to prepare a bucket full of the washing solution. Once you have done this, use a scrub or brush to wash the fabric thoroughly.

Most patio umbrellas are made with nylon and fiberglass fabric, which needs a little scrubbing to give up any dirt between the material. You will not have to scrub or brush harshly, and the umbrella will be clean.

You can rinse the fabric with the water hose, and the colors will be bright enough to remind you what the umbrella looked like when you bought it!

When the fabric dries, you can reattach it to the stand and enjoy the clean shade.

• Fixed Umbrellas and Canopies:

Many patios do not have a smaller umbrella, but many kinds of canopies and fixed shades also need regular cleaning.

This is not difficult; you only need a pressure hose or washing pump to spray detergent and water with added force. You can let the soapy water stay there and then hose down the dirt.

Be sure to use the pressure to get the dust out of the corners. If there is a dip in the cloth in the center, you must use more water to get it all out of the canopy to avoid a brown, muddy center. Also, you should ensure that the water doesn’t pool in the center.

The Cleaning Solution We Suggest

When cleaning a tarp, fiberglass, or any other material, use lots of water and an efficient detergent. We always tell our customers to use a mixture that has proved to be an excellent solution for dust and sand.

You can mix detergent liquid, vinegar, and warm water in a 2:1:2 ratio and keep it in a bottle. If you are using a washing pump, add this solution to it, and if you are using a scrubbing brush, soak it in the solution and then use it on the fabric.

The dust stains and even the stubborn raindrops tint that appears to be like permanent stains on dusty umbrellas will vanish in no time!

Last Words

All patio owners must know how to clean patio umbrellas above the furniture. Keeping your umbrella and other spots clean makes the patio look cleaner and brighter.

Moreover, the umbrellas will last longer if they are cleaned regularly.

Whenever you decide to clean the canopy or umbrella on your patio, try out the liquid solution we suggested above, and you will become a star among your friends for keeping your outdoor space clean and new.

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