Guide to Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths are excellent seating for customers as well as restaurant owners. If you visit any restaurant, don’t you prefer a booth where you can have a nice meal with the company? Restaurant booths are a private, yet good place to sit to enjoy the ambiance and the view.

From a restaurant owner’s perspective, restaurant booths can be less work while ensuring that the setting looks presentable. Whether you are a customer or owner, you will find this guide to restaurant booths informative.

The Different Types of Booths

There are various kinds of restaurant booths, and each provides convenience in a unique way. Some offer privacy, while others offer space for more customers. Here are the most common types of booths

Standard Booths

A booth is a fixed sitting arrangement, and it can be in semi-circles or straight benches, they usually fit more people than a table with chairs in the same area would fit. The standard booths are of various types:

  • Single booths: A single booth is a single bench with a back, which offers sitting space for up to three people. The ‘single’ property is that there will be only one fitting in the arrangement.
  • Double booths: A double booth has a back and benches on both sides, which means that people can sit on either side. These booths are similar to benches in waiting areas of public places. A common back can be a space-saver.
  • Wall bench: Another standard booth that most restaurants use is the wall bench, which is mounted against a wall and offers a comfortable sitting for customers. Wall benches are a great way to make use of the corners and cut space to ensure that you get the best out of a restaurant.
  • L-shaped booths: These are one of the most common kinds of booths and can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of any space. An L-shaped booth can cut space while offering individual sitting spaces for families or groups of people.
  • Half-circle Booths: These booths are paired with a comfortable back and provide a suitable space for all customers visiting together. The shape of the booth offers good access to the table while also ensuring that the customers enjoy each other’s company around the table.
  • Three-Fourth Circle: The C-shaped booth in the three-fourth shape is popular as it offers a more extensive seating arrangement, and customers get to see each other while getting access to the whole table. Restaurants with such booths can be an attraction to families. Restaurant owners must keep the table at a distance that does not make getting in a problem for customers. 
  • Waiting Benches: Waiting benches are backless, straight benches that can be placed on the sides of tables to offer a comfortable setting. More than not, these benches are cushioned and do not give the restaurant a stuffed look. 
  • Deuce Booths: For small, confined spaces, deuce booths offer suitable space for a company of two people. These half-sized booths can be placed in small corners to maximize capacity. 

Bar Height Booths

Bar height booths are higher and are often combined with bar stools to provide a comfortable and entertaining seating arrangement for customers. This setting is becoming popular in bars, where space utilization is vital because of the increasing number of customers. 

Customized Restaurant Booths

Customized restaurant booths are similar to the standard booths, but they are only made according to the needs of the space. Some restaurants want half-circle booths, but the size of each setting can be changed so that the restaurant owners can offer comfortable, intelligent, and proportionate seating for all its customers.

Within a restaurant, there can be different sizes of booths as well. Therefore, customized furniture options are what you should look for when selecting the right furniture shop for you.

Chair Up offers a full range of restaurant booths, and we proudly offer customization. Not only booths but even the table tops can be customized to make the setting more accessible. When you receive these terms, the only thing you need is to put them all in place, and voila! Your restaurant will be ready for a reopening after the new seating arrangement. 

Things To Know When Ordering

When you have decided to install booths in your eatery, ensure that you measure it the right way so that you get the right number of booths. The distance from one bench to the other must be calculated to ensure that the people sitting there would have ample space to get in and out comfortably. Moreover, there should be good foot space as well. 

The width of the booth is mentioned in the design details, and you can calculate the number of booths that can fit your business space. Our orders are flexible as we can alter the orders upon request. However, we urge all clients to select suitable sizes and measure the room correctly so that there are no mistakes. 

The Terminology

There are a few terms that you would need to know before you begin searching for booths in stores. The shopkeepers or the websites will ask you questions like, ‘Do you want a head roll?’ or ‘What is the End Cap measurement?’ If you know what each part of the restaurant booth is called in furniture terms, you will be able to get to your desire.

  • Top Caps: The caps on the top of the bench back are called the top caps. This is the upper end of the booth’s back and can also be the yardstick to measure the width of the booth. 
  • Back Cap: The back cap is the vertical bar that is attached to the sides of the bench going all the way to meet the top cap. This back cap can be a more straightforward way of measuring the height of the back from the floor. 
  • Head Roll: A head roll is a protruded cushion added to the back of the seat to provide a comfortable seating arrangement for customers. This head roll provides some padding for customers to rest their head back and enjoy their time. 
  • Logo Placement: This is the rest of the back, where the logo can be placed to give your restaurant a unique look. 
  • Crumb Strip: The crumb strip is a small strip of upholstery between the back and seat to allow easy cleaning. This strip is often tucked into the gap but can be of varying lengths.

Last Words

This guide to restaurant booths can educate readers about the various kinds of seating arrangements that can be used in limited spaces. Chair Up offers an array of booths, each of which can be customized to meet your requirements. We have also shared some terminology for you to understand the different parts of this furniture piece.