Lighting can play a crucial role in making or breaking the image of your outdoor living spaces. Well, this is true for indoors also, but imagine a patio that has poor lighting at night. It will look like a sad place where you can only get stressed thinking about the insects and crawlers that might find a comfy home in the dark corners.

If you know how to hang string lights on the patio, you can make a beautiful spot in the house for yourself and your family and friends to gather on special occasions. From backyard get-togethers for a barbeque to a refreshing breakfast party, everything will look better when you have string lights to embellish the area. Outdoor string lights are now readily available, so you do not have to worry about attaching bulbs to entwined wires like we used to do many years ago.

There are so many ways these string lights can adorn the patio.

Different Ways to Hang String Lights

If you have a backyard that has some greenery around, you can focus on the center by adding the lights above the sitting space.

It is easy to tie these lights to the trees, or you can use hooks on the top of the walls to elevate the strings to the right height.

The height is good for illumination, and the heat of the bulbs will not disturb your guests or family.

If you are wondering which set of string lights to select from any of the online shops, don’t worry too much!

You can select yellow or white lights according to your liking, and always ensure that the options you choose have low power because the whole string can light up the area.

Each bulb does not need to be a high-voltage light because the cumulative effect is what we are looking at right now.

Alternatively, you can use solar bulbs because they are more manageable and do the job equally well. Some people complain that solar bulbs lose intensity over time.

However, this is only because the solar panels become hazy due to the dust and moisture on them. If you can maintain cleanliness, these bulbs will last a long time.

Factors to Consider Before Hanging String Lights

When hanging string lights on your patio, there are several things to consider. For example, how much space do you have? And the structure around your sitting area is just walls, or are there trees and plants?

If you have just walls around the patio, you must put up at least three feet high poles on the wall. This will give you ample space to hang the lights without them being too close to your head!

We are looking for a vertical distance of nine feet from the ground to make the lights add to the ambiance gracefully.

You can place the poles on opposite walls, and they do not have to be exactly opposite each other. In fact, a crisscross of the strings overhead will look better.

Before you get started, measure the distance between these poles and arrange for the string light to be the same length.

Instead of using separate strings, we recommend one long string so that you do not need a lot of sockets to plug the individual strings of lights.

You can get string lights between the lengths of 20 feet and 180 feet from various hardware and online shops.

Determining the pattern before hanging will make it a better experience because you will be able to calculate the right length needed, and then, you will be able to put up hooks or nails at the right spots too.

The fences, pergolas, or trees around the patio can be used for your lights and you can decide if you want to embellish the plants or not.

Many people throw the string on bushes and spiral them around tree trunks and the illumination is good. However, hanging the string lights makes the place look more festive.

One of the easiest ways to create tussles, or scallops in the strings is to use a staple gun to attach the string lights to the pergola overhead at intervals. The best thing about string lights is that if you have the right supplies, you can use them in any way that you imagine.

You will only have to ensure that you do not need to replace the bulbs and you can maintain the lights by cleaning them regularly and disconnecting them from the electric supply when not in use.

Last Thoughts

If you want to know how to hang string lights on the patio, there are numerous ways and all of them depend on your personal choice.

You can ensure that these string lights last a long time by maintaining them well.

However, the design of these lights can be spirals or diagonal lines overhead. You can be as adventurous as you want. If you have the right tools like sturdy nails and a staple gun, the possibilities are unlimited.

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