Some days you would want to look over the plants in the patio, while other days you would want to face the furniture towards the house so that it look like a continuation of the living room beyond the glass doors.

There are numerous ways, but if you decide how to arrange patio furniture, read a bit more about it!

Patio is the open area beyond the living room or kitchen, and it is a great place to use when you want to enjoy the weather without having to go out!

Whether you are a barbeque night kind of person, or you like lazy Sundays on the couch, here are a few tips that will help you arrange the furniture in the right ways.

Simple rules to arrange patio furniture

Whenever you set up the patio furniture, follow these rules to decide what kind of an arrangement you would like.

• Select the focus:

When you are deciding the setting, make sure you have a focal point that everything is centered around. It can be a table, or it can be the view of the pool! You can even decide to set the furniture with the barbecue grill placed in a way that every seat can view it.

In most cases there is a center table, and all the furniture is set around it to provide a place to set the coffee mug, or your plate of snacks.

• Formal or informal?

Is the patio a formal place for parties, or is it an informal lounging place? Whichever setting suits your lifestyle will decide how the furniture must be arranged.

If you have guests over, you would need tables, sofas, and chairs. You may even need a service tray to go next to the couch, or maybe a standing table where you can place your drink and stand with a guest near the trees!

Informal setting would require less work and you can do well with a couch and some bean bags. It all depends on what the theme has to be.

• Stand north and conduct the traffic!

This means that when you are about to arrange the furniture, stand at the end of the patio and think of placing individual seats and couch in a way that nobody feels obstructed while roaming around the place.

You must ensure that there is space between each seat, and ample room for someone to walk in front or behind the sitting area.

The table must give enough leg space to those sitting on the couches. If you are placing a sectional sofa, the sides must give enough room for someone to pass with an almost one-foot distance on both sides.

• Longest sofa goes along the longest wall:

Make sure that your two, or three-seat couches are set in front of the longest wall. There is nothing more unpleasant than cramming up a big seat in front of the shorter length space and leaving the length of the space to chairs and bar stools that occupy a fraction of the space.

The best use of space, and the most appealing settings are when they are done according to proportion.

If you have a rectangular patio, move the longer couch along the length of the room, and try to reduce the congestion by placing smaller couches, or single seats along the width.

The table must also be set according to the same rule. The length of the table must be along the longest couch.

• Keep it homely:

When you are buying patio furniture, think of how it would be to sit on it for hours. It may seem as if some formal furniture styles are more beautiful, but are they comfortable?

Will they look inviting when you wake up on a Sunday and want to just enjoy the sun while you sip your orange juice?

Make sure you select the furniture after seeing how it will look. Additionally, fill up the empty spaces that will make it more comfortable.

An ottoman, a foot rest, and a low seat or a bean bag-all these things make it easier to slide lower in the seat and relax.

• Keep the grill away!

There is no need to place the seats close to the grill. Even if you want to point the seats towards the barbeque area, do not keep them close to it.

There is no fun in smoke and splinters and if you have company, it would be quite an uncomfortable party with coughing guests and inmates!

Try to keep the outdoor kitchen area away from the seating. However, it should be accessible and can even be visible from where you sit.

• Divide big spaces:

Instead of placing a single sitting arrangement of longer couches and single seat couches, divide the area into numerous sittings if your patio is large.

A sitting center on one side, maybe two relaxing chairs and an ottoman on the other, and a standing table at the head of the patio will be a nice way to divide and still have a choice in how you want to entertain guests, or what kind of a sitting you want on any given free day!

• Accessories are always a good idea:

You can add cushions, neck rolls, and maybe even some flower pots on the tables to liven up the space. Patios should look like an escape zone, and that means there should be a pleasant view, some fresh air, a relaxing sitting area, and all the accessories and décor that can add to the pleasant feeling!

Use flowers, décor, and even a few planters around the sitting area to make it more welcoming and exciting.

• Cleanliness is key:

When you are arranging patio furniture make sure that it is easily cleanable, and washable so that when you decide to visit it again, you don’t go looking for the mop first!

The setting must be reasonable so that it allows proper cleaning of the area. There is no fun in opening the glass doors and finding out that the outdoor area is a mess every time!


When you plan to arrange the patio furniture, there are many ways to do it but which one will suit you the most? Read the rules of outdoor furniture setting above and you will find that every time you go on to the patio area, everything looks good.

This outdoor space should be your relaxing area so make sure you follow the tips and make your home complete with a beautiful outdoor setting.