The most relaxing hours of the day can be when you bask in the sun, or enjoy the cool breezy evenings out on the patio. Imagine how it would be if you stepped outside and the furniture was all over the place and not where it should’ve been!

It is good to know how to keep patio furniture from blowing away so that you can happily decide to go and sit outside.

It is easy to secure the furniture in place and prevent it from flying about on windy days. Usually, the material that is used for outdoor furniture is light.

Either you have the PVC material incorporated with fabric, or you have the wicker and cane combination that can easily be swayed.

Metal furniture will not have any problem, so if you have that, enjoy the tips for some small furniture pieces that might need the following tips.

Tips to secure the patio furniture

There can be many ways of securing your furniture in place and ensure that the patio looks clean and nice every time you step outdoors.

Here are some tips that will make your outdoor living area a good place to sit and relax.

• Get a windbreaker

A windbreaker can be some thick plants or a sheet of thick fabric or fiberglass that can be placed over the walls to increase the height and keep the wind current from lowering enough to move the chairs out of place.

Moreover, the lightweight settings like umbrellas, or planters with artificial greens can be a problem. High bushes or plants that form a wall or a barrier against gushes of wind.

• Heavier furniture?

Try to get a set that is heavier than wicker, or PVC. If you cannot invest in new furniture, try to weigh the current sofa set or chairs down by placing heavier cushions or adding at least some metallic accent.

You may have seen some designs with metallic arm rests or a metal back. Many wicker furniture pieces have a metallic frame as well. These heavy furniture pieces do not get swayed easily.

Moreover, the maintenance of these seats might seem difficult, but the treated outdoor furniture that is powder-painted and has a matte finish with weather-resistant treatment will be an excellent fit for your patio.

• Using gels or tapes

Many people use earthquake gels, or tapes to keep their furniture in place. Earthquake gel is an adhesive that does not leave any marks on the floor. You can use some of this gel on the base or under the feet of couches and chairs. The table bases, ottomans and side pieces can also be kept in place using this gel.

Additionally, the adhesive tape can be a great way to keep the furniture from moving about.

A thin double-sided tape can be used to line the furniture, and even when the wind howls, the couch and chairs will be in place. The tape might not work as well as the gel, it is still a good option for a short period.

• Stack the pieces

When you are about to pack up for the day, you can stack the furniture to avoid flying objects in the patio at night! Many people feel that it is a compromise as the patio looks like a store room at all times, however, this stacking will keep the furniture from getting damaged.

If you feel that stacking the furniture does not look good, a small tip is to place the stacks in an obscure corner so that when you look outside, you see plants and the surrounding scenery and not couches placed on top of each other!

• Anchoring

If your patio has grass, the best way to keep furniture in place is to slightly dig into the earth and place the furniture so that when the wind blows, the furniture does not move.

If you live in an area where winds blow often or if you live close to the sea, it is best to design your patio with some sand, gravel, grass or a softer grass carpet that keeps the couches anchored.

This fundamental designing will help keep your patio looking good.

Many people add grass carpets and artificial plants around their sitting area on the patio to decrease the impact of speedy winds.

However, if there is something that holds the furniture at the base, your patio will look the same at all times, and you will be saved from rearranging the furniture every now and then.

• De-clutter the area

The de-cluttering of extra decorations, flowerpots, and even standing decorations like a corner sculpture can keep the worry of breaking them, and getting the sitting area spoiled. When you are caring for your furniture, it is essential to keep these smaller pieces in mind as well.

• Bungee cords

Ever tried to use bungee cords to keep the furniture in place? Don’t shudder at the idea, we have even seen chains being used to keep the patio furniture from blowing away.

Cafes and outdoor restaurants along the beach ensure that their chairs and stools stay in place when the winds are too fast.

Wrap a bungee cord around the furniture to weigh it down and keep it grounded. The added weight of the cord will keep the sofa or chair from moving from its place.

If you get a weather forecast with ghastly winds, you can tie the bungee cord around the furniture and then tie it to a permanent post like a tree or a pillar to keep everything together.

• The last resort

If none of these tips can work for your patio furniture against a strong wind, you can bring the furniture inside. The couches can move into the covered area, and you can stack the light chairs or stools in any corner.

Of course, this tip is for extreme weather conditions otherwise it will be just too crowded for you to keep the furniture indoors every day and only move it out when you are about to sit.

Such arrangements do not work in the long term as many people get tired of replacing the furniture every single time. The result is a cluttered living area, and an unmaintained outdoor place.

Last words

Patio furniture can be lightweight and is usually preferred to be this way due to low-maintenance. However, light furniture can easily blow away and this can become too exhausting, as well as dangerous!

We have shared numerous tips for homeowners to keep their patio looking great at all times. Try these tips and you will be able to keep the furniture intact.