Patio sittings have become a proper thing since there are so many designs of furniture and furniture types that make it possible for us to beautify the outdoors.

There are wicker, wrought iron, and even wooden patio seaters and tables available. Adorning the sitting area with an umbrella, tables, or even more plants around the place can make your patio look like a magazine shot.

However, to maintain the furniture and ensure longevity, you must protect it from the vagaries of climate.

Patio furniture covers are the best way to keep your outdoors looking new and fresh whenever you want to sit there. If you cannot find the right covers, it will help to know how to make patio furniture covers.

The Need For Patio Furniture Covers

The first step to making covers for outdoor furniture is to select a waterproof fabric. Of course, you would also need to be convinced that these covers are crucial for your furniture.

Since there are more designs and types of outdoor furniture available at major stores and designer outlets, finding a cover for them might be easy.

However, it never hurts to know more about the right fabric for these covers so that you can make an extra pair or the only one for that matter!

Select a waterproof and breathable fabric. Breathability is essential because furniture polish and varnish can become dull.

Furthermore, mildew and fungus are caused by the trapped moisture under the covers. However, before selecting the right fabric and making covers, you need to know why you would need these covers.

We remember how one of the readers wrote about pigeons on their rooftop that destroyed the wicker sofa by pulling out the twigs and using them for their nest!

Investing in good furniture would require you to make a furniture cover as well to avoid any bird attacks or fading from the sun. Also patio covers can save your furniture from rain.

If you decide to make patio furniture covers and already picked out the right material, it would be good to create a fit by yourself to match the furniture size and cover it efficiently. Store-bought covers might not be the right fit.

Are you ready to learn how to make patio furniture covers from scratch? You will learn how to pattern, sew and add ties and tension control to the outdoor furniture cover.

Making Patio Furniture Covers

The first step to making patio furniture covers is to create a pattern. This step is overwhelming but rests assured; it is easier than you think!

Then there will be cutting of the fabric and sewing it. Once you have the cover ready, adding tension ties or any other technique to keep the covers in place is integral.

Making the Pattern

For patterning, you will need big sheets of pattern material. Follow these steps to ensure that your furniture covers are the right size.

• Keeping the desired sofa or chair in front of you, measure the width of the back. The rough measurement of the back width at the top, then at the armrests, and the base of the sofa or chair is important reading.

• Cut out the back piece of your pattern using these measurements.

• Alternatively, you can place the pattern material on the chair or sofa and mark the back piece before cutting it.

• Similarly, measure all the sides, like the length from the top of the chair to the base on the front and the sides from the armrest to the base.

• Remember to label each pattern so you do not mix up the different pieces.

Cutting the Cover Fabric

When you cut the cover fabric, here are a few ways to avoid any mistakes:

• Place the pattern on top of the cover material.

• Mark the outline and then cut the piece.

• Remember to keep the sequence of pieces the same to make it easier to remember which side you cut out.

• You can mark each cutting to avoid any confusion.


Sewing all the pieces of the furniture cover can be daunting for some. You will need a special thread spool and sewing machine needle to sew the thick fabric.

Start by sewing the back of the seat to the front panel.

This sewing will require one straight stitch placed at the top of the chair, which is the sofa's width. Attach all subsequent pieces in the sequence of cutting.

Attaching Ties 

You can attach bungee cords through punched holes to tie at the base of the sofa or bar stool to keep the covers in place.

This step is not as hard as it seems, but only if you go to the hardware store and get some spur grommets.

You can also attach strings of the same material at the base of the covers to tie so that the cover stays in place.

Last Words

All patio furniture pieces require protection from climatic changes, and it would be good if you knew how to make patio furniture covers.

We have explained the process easier for you to follow and create your outdoor furniture covers to fit them like a glove! Follow the steps and marvel at your skills every time you glance at them!

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