How to measure patio doors?

 Before getting a new door or ordering one from an online shop, homeowners must measure their patio door space to avoid paying more than needed. Moreover, who wants to buy an unfit door even if it is available at the sale price? If you need help understanding how to measure patio doors, follow the steps here to get the correct measurements and a perfect fit to accentuate your outdoor space's beauty.

Replacement of the old door or getting a new one will require a cost estimate, for which the measurements should be known. To be sure, measure the exterior and interior sides of the door, but follow the guide to see how these measurements will get you the right fit at the right price.

The Preparation

Many homeowners get overwhelmed we they think of measuring doors. All this task requires is a measuring tape to record the height and width of the door. The first step is to identify the type of door you have. Is it a sliding door? Or do you have a double-panel door? Here are the tips for each kind of door that will help you measure each type.

The measuring tape should have measurements in inches and centimeter scale. This kind of tape would make it easier for you to measure more precisely. Moreover, you can provide precise measurements according to the vendor’s demands.

Measuring Sliding Doors 

To measure a patio door fixed on a sliding rail, measure the width of your sliding patio door from the middle. Measure the width from one side of the entrance to the other, starting at the edge of the brick where the door is installed. The advantage of the stucco is where you will place your measuring tape. Then the next step is to measure the height, for which you will measure the door from the outside and measure from the rail to the top of the door. The right points must be from the sill at the bottom to the sill at the top.

Always double-check your measurements and ensure no variance in all the sizes. You can measure the width from the center, top, and bottom half. Similarly, the height can be measured in three places.

French Door Measurement Process

The measurement should be recorded from the door's exterior if you have hinged patio doors. For these doors, start the measuring tape at the outer corner at the hinge, and measure across the entrance to the handle. The edge of the doors should be your starting and ending points on the measuring tape. As for the height, ensure multiple recordings to rule out any errors.

The measurements will not record the door frame or the middle parting. Patio doors are available in the market without the structure or middle parting, so the person measuring the door must measure that they measure only the part that is to be replaced or added. Whether you have a French door or a sliding door, the wooden plank-like door is the part that should be measured.

Why Is It Better To Ask A Professional?

We recommend every homeowner ask the vendor to send an expert for measuring. This recommendation is based on the doubt that we can make a slight mistake. However, this small error can become a significant loss with fitting doors and matching measurements. We suggest you measure the door and ask the vendor if they have an expert to rule out the chances of making a small error. Moreover, the vendor will also check how the door hinges and rails must be measured.

Last Words

The measurement is an integral step when replacing or buying a patio door. If the size is wrong, you might buy a door that does not fit the frame. Be sure to understand the edges if you have a sliding or French door. However, it is better to use the option of an expert. If the vendor does not have an expert to measure doorways, try taking multiple measurements to rule out any errors.