NYC We Thank You! Let’s Take This Higher For Everyone Now

It is time to appreciate the efforts of the state government to expand pedestrian space and bike lanes on Manhattan Broadway. While the expansion is to the north of Union Square, our letters to the Mayor and Borough presidents can make a bigger difference. We urge all readers to pick up their pens and turn to a new page to appreciate and urge the government to keep up its efforts of increasing pedestrian space.

Imagine walking down the square, savoring every site, and enjoying your stride without looking out for traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians will be able to view NYC and the hustle and bustle of the busy area if the government expands the walking and cycling lanes further south. If the traffic-free hours are extended, tourists and residents can enjoy NYC, a car-free haven with friends! Summer Streets were fun up till 125th Street this year; how about taking it further so your NYC experience is more flavorful?

It is time to applaud while encouraging the Mayor and presidents to do more for NYC Summer Streets. Everyone’s input counts, and we can make the city more enjoyable and carefree if we all join hands and make it happen. Fill out the form and reach out to the authorities to make the change that the city and all of us need.