Whether you are buying patio furniture for the first time, or you are thinking of renewing the current setting to upgrade or go for a different look, the prices will make you want to search for the most durable outdoor furniture so that you would not have to invest in it again and again. The most crucial factor to consider when looking for outdoor furniture is durability.

Who wants to see their patio furniture get rusted too soon? Moreover, if you select wood or wicker, the color and finish can fade too fast if it is not treated well. This is why the best thing to do is deepen the search a bit more and look for long-lasting furniture pieces that can go on year after year so that whenever you walk outdoors, you feel relaxed after seeing the beautiful setting.

Which kind of material is best for outdoors?

The usual choices for outdoor furniture include wood, wicker, and iron. Nowadays, you can find many PVC and plastic options too. All these materials are specially treated for weather conditions, harsh sun, rough winds, and sandy blows.

While personal liking plays an integral role in your selection, it is essential to know which material will last longer and which one you should go for if you do not want to go furniture shopping in the near future. Let’s first see all the materials available:

• Cast/wrought/aluminum

• Wood

• Steel

• Wicker

• Wrought Iron



Wood is the most traditional material for furniture, and all of us love its rich feeling. Wooden furniture can elevate the look of any setting, and somewhere deep inside, everyone has a special admiration for wood!

However, wooden furniture will need re-polishing and high maintenance routines. Moreover, in the rainy season, you might have to move the furniture indoors because wooden chairs also mean heavy cushions or too much-polished surface to get ruined by water!

While wood gets high points for staying in place, it can become a difficult piece to maintain over long periods. Therefore, the selection of wooden furniture outdoors may not be the most durable choice.


Wicker is an excellent choice for outdoors because of its affinity with wood, and of course, it is easy to move around because it is light. Some wicker furniture sets are polished and finished with lacquer so that they can look fresh and new all the time.

However, harsh winds and sun can spoil this look. You must keep the furniture in the shade to ensure it lasts longer. This furniture has a cane frame, and the weave is wicker or PVC. Wicker furniture is better than wooden furniture in terms of durability.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers a more modern look, and many users will find it easy to maintain and lightweight enough to move indoors when needed. This kind of furniture is often treated for rust, and the finish is such that it does not show signs of wear and tear due to the weather. This furniture proved to be long-lasting, but only if you care for it by keeping it dry and moving it indoors when there is rain.

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron furniture is heavy, and it is iron, so it needs rust treatment to ensure that it remains rust-free forever. Once you can take care of the ‘forever’ rust-free part, you will realize that it can really go on forever! Wrought iron furniture can pass down generations if it is cleaned and painted whenever it begins to look used. However, repainting does not mean that the furniture will lose its vitality. The furniture looks as new as ever!


Aluminum frames and furniture pieces are also long-lasting but not as durable as wrought iron. Many times the lightweight aluminum chairs and tables bend over time and due to heavy winds, they can fall or get displaced easily.

The Verdict

The most durable furniture has to be wrought iron since it can stand the test of time. Usually, wrought iron furniture is carved or made into fancy designs, and all of them remain fresh for generations. Woodard and Salterini are examples of old wrought iron furniture that have become vintage items and are still loved by everyone.

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