Reopening dates:
  • Outdoor dining Opening: 6/22
  • Indoor dining  (50% capacity): 7/6 


  • All tables must be 6 feet apart on all sides, Max 10 people per table.
  • Where 6 feet distancing is not feasible between the table must use a physical barrier.
  • Physical Barrier must be 5 feet tall and not block emergency exits (ex. acrylic guards)
  • indoor capacity is limited to no more than 50% of the maximum occupancy

Expected guidance on Open-streets outdoor dining expansion of seating:

Curbside seating 

  • Restaurants in "commercial corridors" will be able to convert parking spaces for the dining service. 
  • Restaurants need to supply their own barricades and planters (buy here) to block the area from the road. 
  • The city will allow restaurants to register and certify themselves online to expedite the process, but they must comply with guidelines like not blocking bus stops, fire hydrants, and intersections. 

Open streets

  • New York City has opened over 45 miles of streets to pedestrians, closing them to traffic, and plans to open 100 miles of roads across the city. 
  • Restaurants will be able to utilize the street space in front of their locations. 
  • The city is also working to identify specific streets with a heavy concentration of restaurants and bars as it opens more streets. 


  • The city is simplifying the permit process for restaurants to use sidewalks for seating
  • Restaurants will still need to maintain space on sidewalks for pedestrians, including those with disabilities.