Setting up the patio might be an easy task but it is the maintenance work that is challenging. Buying some good-looking furniture can take time, yes; but the real task is to keep it looking that good over all seasons.

Everyone is looking for tips on how to protect patio furniture from rain, and we understand the plight of all homeowners who live in areas where there is more rainfall. 

Rain can be beautiful and you will always enjoy it more if you have a dry, and comfortable seating area to watch the seasons turn.

However, even if your patio is covered, the water from the rain can be a problem for your furniture. If you do not have a covered patio seating, the panic of moving the furniture and then placing it all back can be a tough routine too. Without further ado, here are some tips to protect the furniture from water. 

• Using water-repellent fabrics: 

This might not be the first thing on your mind, but we mention it first for a reason. Many people consider rain and other weather conditions while buying furniture for their patio. However, the cushions and seats are not always waterproof.

The furniture might be painted for waterproofing, or the material may be wicker or cane that does not get damaged by water but the cushions can soak and become flat, and uncomfortable. 

Use water-repellent cushion covers, sofa covers, umbrellas, and even table covers. This way, any sudden downpour will keep the furniture safe from damage. You can buy water-repelling sprays for your furniture too. We have tried many of these and they work well. If you see clouds gathering one fine day, a little spraying on the furniture and waterproof cushions will keep the patio looking the same after the rain. 

• Cover all the way: 

A furniture cover might seem like the safest solution, and it is! These covers are a good accessory for patio areas because they not only keep your furniture waterproof but also protect them from UV rays and dust on warm and windy days.

When you go to buy a furniture cover, look for one that is a comfortable fit for the chairs and couches that you have placed outside. They shouldn’t be too snug, but a very loose one might also be a problem. It is important to have a comfortable fit also because air must pass under it to keep your furniture mold-free, and fresh. 

The material of the covers can be plastic or polyester. This opaque cover can keep the furniture free from the sun as well as rain or dew. 

• Sealing furniture with polyurethane: 

The polyurethane coat can protect the wood from harsh weather conditions including rain. Always use a polyurethane coat that has UV blockers. For rain, this coat is a good idea as it does not let the wooden furniture soak and become brittle. This coat can work for wicker too. 

For metal furniture, it is best to paint it with a waterproof powder finish. This will keep the furniture looking new and it will not rust. However, if the water accumulates in your patio area, it is best to add some rubber padding to the feet of the chairs, or sofa limbs. 

• Keeping furniture in the shade: 

This solution is not really a rain protector, but it is a general care rule to keep all kinds of furniture in the shaded area of the patio. If you do not have a covered area, accessorize the place with umbrellas, or a polyester shade that covers the area and adds an accent to your outdoor space


What if the patio furniture is metal or aluminum?

If you have metal or aluminum furniture, you can apply paste wax to keep it waterproof. If you see signs of corrosion or rust on your metal furniture, remove them with sandpaper and then apply the wax so that it stays free from water damage. 

Waterproof paints are also a good idea always, but additional care will never be harmful. Try and get the furniture base covered with rubber so that the limbs do not rust if water puddles form. While wood and wicker furniture do not face such risks, aluminum and metal furniture can seriously get damaged if you do not dry it up after rain. 

Plastic furniture is safe from rain?

More or less yes, plastic furniture does not need to fear rain much. However, it is still better to keep it shiny and new. A cover over the plastic furniture wouldn’t hurt. Apart from this small precaution, there is no reason to keep plastic patio furniture under cover or covered with polyester during the rainy season. Enjoy your patio when the rains come!


Taking care of patio furniture can be trickier than selecting the right one for your outdoor space. Be sure to select a material that suits the weather and rainfall in your area. However, there are many useful tips on how to protect your patio furniture from the rain. Try them and you will be able to enjoy each season while taking in the beauty of your patio. 

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