Whenever you look out to the patio, it might make you sad if the furniture that you once bought with enthusiasm is now all rusted and old.

No, we do not mean that you should get up and get new furniture, we want you to try and resuscitate this one back to life! It is possible, it is economical and it will give you a sense of achievement all the way! If you are up for it, read on and see how to refinish patio furniture.

Some chores around the house seem tough but once you get to it, they become easy. You can use some inexpensive tools and supplies and get your cheerful and happy patio back!

Just read along and by the end of the page, you will be making a list of things to get so that you can revive your patio furniture.

Metal patio furniture is good!

Many of you might decide too never get metal furniture (metal bar stools, metal chairs) again, but we all know that it is one of the best choices for outdoors, and it looks fancy and elegant too.

However, corrosion is one of the worst issues and it comes back every season. When you are heading out to enjoy a calm summer evening, the rust will be there to greet you!

Removing rust and layers of dirt can be an overwhelming job, but if you want to see your furniture in bright glory again, make sure you get every bit of the rust off.

Remember, even a bit of it left on the furniture can multiply and eat your outdoor furniture hollow! Instead of spending money to replace the furniture, be sure that you play your part to reduce waste, and get the best out of an old purchase!

We are sharing some steps to a new patio furniture finish, and if you follow the technique and method, the result will be a fresh looking patio and of course, you will not be able to keep your eyes off it, or even wipe the smile off your face-it will be a feat made easy!

The tools and materials needed

Here are the basic tools that you can use to refinish your metal patio furniture:

• Work gloves,

• Protective goggles,

• Mask,

• Drop cloths,

• Paint stripping wire brush,

• Rust primer,

• Rust-inhibitor paint,

• Brushes.


• The first thing to do is save the flooring. Be sure to line the floor with old newspapers, or a sheet that will allow the rust and paint to remain on the surface and not seep into the flooring.

The drop cloth sheets are a great way to do that and that is why we recommend you use these. You can even move the furniture to a spot where you do not have to worry about the floor.

Furthermore, place concrete blocks under the furniture to elevate it. This will ensure that you get every corner painted, and that it doesn’t get spoiled by the surface beneath.

• Select a comfortable day for the job. Too much sun, or windy weather can spoil the mood as well as the finishing of your furniture.

If the paint dries too quickly due to the sun, it may not last too long. We want the paint to settle in time, and this way you will be ensuring the best finish for the chairs, table bases and table tops.

• Begin with the rust remover wire brush. Make sure you remove all the orange crust, and reach the areas where it can settle more.

Usually, the limbs and arms are the toughest to clean, however, once you get the hold of it, these parts of the furniture will be rust-free before you know it!

• Run your hand over the furniture and if you feel that some isolated spots are more affected by rust, take a double shift and work on those spots.

• You can use a rust stripper, and scrub the surface well to ensure that all the rust is completely off before you get to the next step.

• Clean the furniture with a furniture cleaner once to remove all dust.

• Begin layering the furniture with primer. The rust inhibiting primer is an excellent way to ensure that the foundation is set for paint.

Be sure to apply a consistent layer to that the paint finish is uniform. Rust inhibitors contain polymers and tanning acids, which is a great way to ensure that there is no rust active on the furniture.

• Use a metal paint with rust inhibitor to seal the furniture and avoid all kinds of staining in future. These paints work for long periods and can ensure that your furniture is new for a longer time.

Now, you will be able to enjoy a different color and look every few seasons, and instead of spending more money on buying new furniture, try and preserve the patio as it is.

Refinishing Wicker and Cane Furniture

If you have a wicker or cane furniture set for the patio, it can become dull after a harsh season. Caring for this furniture is easier as it does not accumulate any rust and will look fresh for longer. However, when it gets dull, here are a few tips to refinish it.

Tools and Material:

• Furniture polish,

• Micro-fiber cloth,

• Dusting brush,

• Varnish.


• Use a lanolin-rich furniture polish to ensure that the wood construction is free of all kinds of dust and salty residue. If you live in a coastal city, there can be saline air that deposits a white layer on your wood furniture.

To remove this, use a good quality furniture polish and leave it for some time before wiping it clean with a micro-fiber cloth.

• Ensure that the furniture is absolutely dry before you apply a thin varnish. You can use a spray, or the varnish that comes in a bottle.

Either ways, the finish will be glossy and clean! You can use thinner to bring the bottled varnish to the right consistency.

• The varnish needs a few days to dry completely.

• Just like the metal furniture, ensure that the weather is not too windy or sunny and you choose a spot where you will not have to worry about any sand or dust settling on the wet varnish.

• When you paint the furniture new, be sure to pay attention to the faded cushions as well! Most wooden and wicker furniture sets have cushions which also need to be refinished! The best way is to dye the cushion covers again!

• Dying the cushions in the same color as they were will refresh the color and help you make use of the same covers.

• If you want to renew the look, you can change the color to only a darker shade. If you dye the cushions to a completely new color, it might look untidy.

For example, if you have a fresh green shade of cushions, you cannot dye them a yellow shade because the green will still be visible or the overall shade will be unpleasant.


Refinishing patio furniture is an easy job and will not require too much work. Whether you have metal or wood furniture, there are many ways to refresh it and make it new again! Try the methods shared above to keep your furniture looking new.

Now, whenever you want, you can sit outside and bask in the sun-and pride that you completed the look all by yourself!