How to remove white spots from wood tabletop

 Wooden furniture is a timeless investment, but you have to make sure that it stays clean and fresh over time. Breakfast tables and standard work desks need more care because the more it is used, the more care is required. How to remove white spots from wood table tops is a common question because they can be stubborn stains. Cleaning them off can be a big problem. Some people try to scratch them out, but it leaves the surface untidy and spoils the polish.

There are some tips and tricks that can ensure a smoother job while removing paint stains or any other type of spots on the wooden surface. Some paint stains penetrate the surface, and no matter how much you clean, the stain remains. Here are some ways to get rid of these spots.

Applying heat: 

Applying heat to the surface loosens the white substance from the wooden surface, and it becomes easy to remove. If you have a hair dryer, direct it towards the stain and blow some hot air on it till you notice a slightly shiny surface. The paint is loose now, and you can wipe it with a thinner and lacquer mixture to remove the paint while keeping the wooden table surface clean and fresh. If you notice the white spots disappear before you begin cleaning it, the stain was due to some food item.

You can also warm the surface with an iron press. To avoid any damage to the polish, place a cloth on the table where the stain is and then apply heat with an iron. The stain will disappear within a short time.


Toothpaste has a fantastic effect on stains. You can use any toothpaste, and it will give you a smooth, even surface without any white stains. The best way to use this is to apply a generous amount on the stain and leave it for at least five minutes. Once you wipe the surface, clean it again with a wood polish that would give the table its wooden sheen back. Toothpaste picks up the white stains without damaging the polish. If the wooden surface is painted, and not polished, toothpaste will work the same.

Do not rub in the toothpaste as that can cause the polish or paint to become dull, and the result will be an apparent dull mark instead of a white stain. The trick is to apply a generous amount focusing on the stains only. Finishing off with a polish or a surface cleaner will ensure that the finish does not become dull or the color does not change from the spots.


Believe it or not, mayonnaise has the cleaning power of detergent when it comes to wiping spots off table tops. Apply a generous amount on the stains and let it rest for a few minutes. Wipe off a small amount to see if the stain is completely gone. You can rub the mayonnaise a little before taking it off, as that would ensure there are no scratches from the wiping action. The oily texture of mayonnaise will leave the tabletop shiny. Let the surface be for a few minutes before you use a spray polish or surface cleaner to wipe the table clean.

Some white paint or food stains will need an overnight application of mayonnaise, and that is okay because this condiment can condition the wooden surface and it will look cleaner when you wipe the dried mayonnaise off after many hours. Petroleum jelly has a similar effect due to the high content of oil.


Vinegar is a harsh liquid and many of you may wonder how it could be a good option for cleaning wooden table tops. However, mixing an equal amount of vinegar and olive oil will be a great spray cleaner for your wooden tables. Spray a good amount of the mix on the surface and wipe it while pressing into the stains. The stains come off immediately, and the finish does not look dull. The olive oil in the mixture is refreshing and will give the wooden surface a shiny, and fantastic finish.

Car Wax

This product can work wonders, mainly if it contains lanolin or a natural shiner. Car Wax is known to remove all kinds of stubborn masks and as it works, it smoothens the surface by filling in the scratches. Any wooden surface becomes lackluster and old-looking if it has scratches. Try to use wax sparingly and keep rubbing the surface in a circular motion. Using a microfiber cloth will ensure that the table top not only looks clean but also feels new.

If the paint, or food marks on the surface are stubborn, try to leave the wax on for some time. Then with the help of a cloth, rub it in circular motion until you see the paint or food stains disappearing. As you finish waxing the table, the surface will shine as it will be smooth to the touch.


If you want to know how to remove white paint from wooden tables, we have shared a few methods that never fail. You will like the results when you use any of the methods discussed above. All readers must execute care while applying these methods because you have to decide which one is best for the kind of stains you see on your wooden tables. Follow the instructions and enjoy a clean, new-looking table top.