Whether you have wicker furniture or want to set up the patio a little more formally, it is essential to learn how to repair it so that you can set the place right for all seasons. Patio furniture will not take too much of your time, so make the most of your quality time outdoors by always having the furniture on point. A few minutes of repair work can help maintain the look you want.

Repairing Furniture According to the Material

The repair of all furniture pieces will have to be according to the material. Some pristine masterpieces will require more maintenance when they live for a few years, but overall, the patio maintenance is still less than many people believe. Learn all about the repair work and host parties on your ever-new patio.

Wicker Repair

You can keep the wicker clean at all times by wiping it regularly and using a microfiber cloth to ensure that there are no scabs while the dust is cleaned off. Moreover, you can also ensure that the dust and detritus are off your furniture by vacuuming it often. In case the coating of your wicker furniture withers, be sure to use a paste wax as the coating over paint so that the furniture becomes water resistant.

Wicker can lose luster, and it becomes dry and brittle due to exposure to the sun. You can slow down the wicker aging process by making it water-resistant, so no mold or mildew is growing under the surface.

These pests can make your furniture grow old and deteriorate fast. Before starting the repair work, clean the wicker furniture from the front, back, and even underneath. Vacuum cleaning and then rubbing a microfiber cloth will do the job.

Any waterproof paint can be used to rejuvenate the furniture and change its look. Select a new color, maybe, or keep it the same. However, the point should be to paint the furniture with waterproof paint. You still have to use the wax coat to ensure that there are no woven parts or joints that miss out the coat and become susceptible to getting wet, growing mold, and then getting brittle by the sun.

Another way to cleanse and repair is using a pressure washer to clean off the mildew, mold, and dirt. Moreover, some of the paint will also be forced off the surface. Now let the furniture dry well before the next step.

Drying will take a few days, and you must ensure that even the base of the sofa or furniture piece is dry. Use white vinegar and water to cleanse the surface. This step will kill all germs as well. Use a stiff brush to remove all signs of fungus that will emerge from crevices and hidden spots.

Now use a primer and cover the whole furniture surface. Let it set, and then apply paint. Now, you can top it with wax to seal the furniture and keep it from losing luster.

Plastic Furniture Repair

You can maintain plastic furniture by keeping the surface washed. This kind of furniture does not get mold and will be easier to wash with water. It will dry quickly as well. However, cold and heat can impact it. Cold-induced brittleness can make the furniture crack, and any accidental exposure to the crack can cause an injury.

The repair work for plastic will require some easy steps to keep the colored spots or even the stubborn discoloration due to any in-grown rust/mold. Yes, we know plastic doesn’t get rust, but the growth color is brownish, making it look like a rust spot.

The way to repair plastic furniture is to wash it with bleach and water. This wash will remove the discolored spots and if you feel that the paint also needs a renewed look, go for a light color coat of acrylic paint.

Repair Patio Furniture

Teak Wood Repair

Teakwood looks lovely, but the honey gold look can turn to a grey, dull color over the years. There are many ways of removing this patina, and you can do it within a short time. Use a steel brush or sandpaper to remove the dull layer to reveal a light brown shade. Apply oil to the furniture until the wood stops absorbing the oil. The soaked wood will look fresh and new for many years.

Cast iron and Metals Repair

Cast iron and metal furniture can suffer some serious damage over the years. Rust can eat the furniture from places, and the more you leave it, the bigger the damage. This problem will require scraping with sandpaper, and then a thick coat of primer must be applied. Repaint the furniture and then coat it with another layer of rust-proof paint.

Numerous waxes and even rust-proof paints can be an excellent fix for metal surfaces. You can avoid rusting by covering the furniture at night. This will help keep the moisture off.

Most of the problems will arise when the furniture gets small water droplets due to air moisture, and they gradually become spots of rust. These spots keep growing when the furniture gets wet again. Keeping it away from due and moisture in the air will be the solution.

If you want your patio to look new and fresh, always be sure to use the correct remedies. All those wanting to know how to repair patio furniture will find these steps useful for the various kinds of patio furniture materials.

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