Many woodwork enthusiasts and beginners might think that attaching a glass table top to the base can be an easy way of ending the project.

Yes, you are not completely wrong, but you must ensure that the glass top remains in place and does not slip off. How does that happen?

We will discuss how to secure a glass table top to the base so that you end up creating masterpieces with exquisite designs.

Glass table tops can be quite convenient and may even add a lightweight quality to the table you create. A wooden top can be heavier and may even lose its balance and flatness over the years if you place heavy items on it.

On the contrary, glass tops are sturdy, and you can rely on them to hold heavy items. Learn how to secure this type of table top, and you will admire the finish.

How to secure a glass table top to the base? Complete guide

Fixing a glass table top means the skill is essential because the top is transparent, and some tricky attachment methods require more finesse.

Apart from finesse, you will need to be careful when handling glass. If the glass top is not secure, it can cause more damage than a wooden table top losing its shape!

Glass can be a challenging material in places where there are kids, and even if you have some heavy-duty use of the table. No matter how thick or tempered the glass is, it can have various challenges.

Moreover, the glass table top fixing will also be dependent upon the design of the table base underneath. Here are some ways of securing the table top according to the design and structure of the table.

Wood table base:

If you have a wooden table base that needs a glass top, you can use silicon sealer or polyurethane adhesive.

Wood can shift when the air is humid, so you will have to ensure that the bonding you use will not strain the glass so that it breaks when the wood moves. The bond has to be flexible so that the table movement does not shift the glass top.

Metal base:

Metal table base can be a tough one because the glass table top is transparent, you cannot attach screws due to the delicate material, and still, you need to attach the base!

You can use super glue or a high-quality adhesive that will cushion the glass slightly and provide the proper support to the table. The metal expands and contracts as the weather changes, so the wood movement will not cause stress on the glass top.

Glass base:

If you are going for a complete glass table, fixing the top with silicon sealer can be a great way to attach the top without creating visible marks or colored spots that take away the charm of the table. A vinyl stump or bumper can also be a good choice, but that works better on metal or steel table bases.

Using vinyl bumpers or Velcro tape:

The use of Velcro adhesive tape and vinyl bumpers can be a good choice for wooden or metal table bases. The rubber bumpers are stuck to the contact points of the table base and top, and then the glass is placed on it.

These bumpers or stumps create an anti-slip surface for glass, and it remains in place. Velcro tapes are also great for attaching the glass top to the base.

This tape can be visible, so if you have colored glass, or if the color of the base is the same as that of the tape, it will be an excellent choice because it holds the glass top in place, and you do not need to wait for the sealer to dry, or the glue to set.

The conventional wood and glass table:

When you have a conventional wooden table base with four limbs, an apron, and a table top frame, you can set the glass inside the frame without difficulty.

This method was the most common for many years as it secured the glass table top and enhanced the look of the table too. The in-lay glass method requires a wooden frame, but if you have a table base without any apron rails or even a frame, the setting of glass would require an adhesive.

Setting the glass on limbs or a pedestal would not be safe, especially if you have kids at home. Moreover, it can be extremely dangerous to place things on top that can topple the table top easily.


How to secure a glass table top to a base can sound challenging, but it is easy if you understand the various adhesives you can use or if you want the conventional style of furniture at home.

There are numerous ways of attaching the glass according to the material of the base. Check out these methods and apply the one best for your furniture, home and workplace environment.

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