Patio furniture might not be the most expensive in your home, but it certainly has the capability of adding the oomph factor to your basic living. An unwanted menace attached to the beautiful patio settings is that you must remain alert and vigilant.

No, this vigilance is not maintenance! You will need the alertness to keep your patio safe from thieves! Learn how to secure patio furniture from theft and other situations.

Patio furniture can be an easy target

Patio furniture is susceptible to theft because it does not require breaking in, and it doesn’t even need a lot of people to pick up a light couch and carry it away!

Moreover, these furniture pieces can be worth a lot of money. Keep your easy target furniture (like outdoor chairsbar stoolstable topstable bases) away from thieves by following some basic rules of furniture security!

Securing patio furniture

If you have heard of people losing their patio furniture to burglars, you may have laughed, but once you set up your space, it will become clear to you why some thieves may even prefer patio pieces. Here are some ways to avoid theft:

• Lock your furniture

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of burglars is a lock! How can you lock the patio furniture? It is easier than it sounds as you will only need to get a long chain and pass it through all the furniture pieces, and finally tie it to any concrete post or a tree if there is one nearby.

This lock is much like the paddle lock on bikes and will help you sleep peacefully, knowing that there is no way someone can just pick up the couch and run off! This method is easy as well and does not require any permanent change.

You can remove the chain and lock it the next day, or you can even keep it on at all times, but of course, you will not be able to move the couch backward or in any direction that the chain length does not allow. If you think burglars can break the lock, you can secure the setting using a more advanced lock. Nowadays, many anti-theft locks are available that can be a good investment for you!

• Out of sight, out of mind!

The best way to secure your patio furniture is to keep your patio off-limits. How can you do that? Try to ensure that passersby or a backstreet view are not available. Yes, this may also limit your view, but think of the unwanted drama you will be avoiding!

When the patio is visible to passersby, there is a chance a burglar measures it up for a smooth job sometimes!

Add plants, bushes, and shrubs to keep the view obscure. This will help you make the patio more secure, and with time you will begin to love the secret garden feeling that this obscurity brings. Yes, a vast view is admirable from the patio but if you want to keep enjoying outdoor sitting, try to keep it for yourself!

• Alarms and motion sensors

Alarms and motion sensors are usually a part of the indoors and many installation teams will tell you that covering your patio would only mean getting up at odd hours to see who tries to trespass. There are cats, birds, squirrels and so many small visitors that may trigger the alarm or let off the motion sensor. However, covering your patio for security is always a good idea.

• Cameras

Sometimes a beeping camera placed in the corner of the patio is the only kind of deterrent for burglars! They fear these cameras because while any other way of securing the furniture does not identify them, this does! You can install a camera on the patio so that every trespasser knows that they will be filmed, and this one will not make them a celebrity!

Other reasons for securing the furniture

Apart from burglary, there can be many reasons to secure patio furniture. These reasons include:

• Strong winds,

• Trespassing animals,

• Sun and strong weather conditions like rain and dust storms.

All these situations will require you to either move your patio furniture indoors or even pile them up in the corner of the patio if space permits. The reason people often ignore these reasons is that it can be a tedious job to get the furniture in a corner or move it indoors.

Some homeowners may not like the idea of chaining their furniture either. However, we always tell our readers to look at the brighter side of doing the small work. If you like the way your patio looks, keep it maintained by making the furniture stay in place!

Last Words

Patio furniture settings always look great, and some of us spend a lot of money arranging and decorating everything there. However, you must learn to secure patio furniture to ensure there are no burglaries, and no damage from winds, sun, or rain even!

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