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Inox Table with Base- Stainless-Steel

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Inox Table

When talking indoors and outdoors, everything is different. Unless you want to give your restaurant or bar a retro look that can never go out of style. Here is the Inox Table that has a smooth surface and means business! No fancy carvings and no complicated maintenance routines, but this table still wins the hearts of our customers and your customers.

The finish

The stainless steel body makes this table a perfect fit for all kinds of food services. Whether you are laying down an elaborate menu or an array of hot and cold, this sturdy surface can take it all. The reason this table never goes out of fashion is that it has a smooth silver top and a petite stand that allows a lot of leg space.

The options

The square, and round tops are available in various sizes to suit your sitting arrangements. You can select sizes between two feet and three feet, which is sufficient for all kinds of restaurant seating and diners. Our customers order these tables in bulk, and we have seen them at service in bars, restaurants, and cafes. A perfect match for all types of eateries, the Inox will be your partner for years and years.

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