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  1. French Bistro Bar Stool- Bamboo aluminum frame -

    As low as $199.99

  2. Oliva Isimar Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Black-Steel-Black-Steel

    Special Price $129.00 Regular Price $358.00

  3. Nora Bamboo-look with textilene Aluminum Frame Bar Stool - Light Oak


  4. French Bistro Blue Madison Synthetic outdoor Bar Stool with Aluminum Bamboo frame - Blue White


  5. Isimar Bolonia Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool

    As low as $129.00

  6. Oliva Isimar Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Black-Steel

    As low as $129.00

  7. Bolonia Isimar Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Off-white

    Special Price $189.00 Regular Price $358.00

  8. Bolonia Isimar Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Black

    Special Price $189.00 Regular Price $438.00

  9. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Steel Bar stool - Outdoor-white


  10. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Steel Bar stool - Outdoor-Mint

    Special Price $78.00 Regular Price $89.00

  11. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Industrial Steel Bar stool - Outdoor

    As low as $78.00

  12. Atom Aluminum Bar Stool Stacking indoor/outdoor Black Frame with Rope Seat

    As low as $233.95

  13. Rope Low back Bar stool

    As low as $310.95

  14. Gilbert Bar Stool

    As low as $179.95

  15. Helga bar stool

    As low as $190.95

  16. Gerald Bar stool

    As low as $194.95

  17. Momma Bar Stool-Yellow


  18. French Bistro Bar stool Aluminum Bamboo frame

    As low as $231.95

  19. Bistro Bar stool Green


  20. Bistro Bar stool Black|White


  21. Bistro Bar stool Brown


  22. Bistro Bar stool Burgundy


  23. Erickson Wicker Round Back Stacking Bar stool Brown


  24. Marshall Wicker Backless Bar stool Brown


  25. Marshall Wicker Back Bar stool Brown


  26. Flora Bar stool Aluminum

    Special Price $151.00 Regular Price $159.95

  27. Bistro Arm Bar stool Brown


  28. Navy Aluminum Backless Bar stool


  29. Navy Aluminum Counter stool


  30. Bistro Backless Bar stool Blue - Natural Legs


  31. Sentinel Backless Bar stool Black


  32. Thanos backless Bar Stool

    As low as $155.00

  33. Thanos backless Bar Stool Copper

    Special Price $155.00 Regular Price $215.95

  34. Star arm Bar Stool

    As low as $313.95

  35. Sid backless Bar Stool

    As low as $255.95

  36. Sid Bar Stool

    As low as $305.95

  37. Rhonda Bar Stool

    As low as $340.95

  38. Maya Bar Stool

    As low as $460.95

  39. Super Bar Stool Antique-Copper

    Special Price $114.00 Regular Price $296.95

  40. Momma Bar Stool

    As low as $199.00

  41. Shield Bar Stool - Grey


  42. Apes Bar Stool

    As low as $295.00

  43. Rope Bar stool

    As low as $327.95

  44. Luke Bar stool Charcoal


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44 Items

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Outdoor Bar Stools

Bars are probably one of the few places where people don’t keep a check on time! When you go to a bar to meet friends or to spend some happy hours alone, what is the one thing that will help you decide when to leave? The seating! Yes, the drinks should be good, and the service must be efficient, but if the bar seating is uncomfortable, you would want to leave as soon as you put down the cup!

Chair Up has a wide variety of the best bar stools that are designed for comfort and ambiance. As soon as your guests walk in the door, they will feel cared for and at home because of the exquisite and classy interior! And if you plan to set up an outdoor bar, these stools will set in and welcome guests who like stylish settings.

Outdoor bar stools are a specialty, and they have to be the right height and the correct width to make your guests relax, sit back, and enjoy the drink! Even when you are serving food, these stools can be set up at the bar to entertain customers who have time to sit and talk with friends.

Whether you choose a retro diner look or have a beach bar in mind, look through our collection here and find the best design!

Variety and Style

Our customers come for more orders because they decide to expand their business. The barstools contribute to this expansion as guests love to sit in these easy stools and spend hours at the bar. You will not see a guest leave too soon, and that is because the drinks, the ambiance, and the seat all work together to welcome them!

The variety of designs and materials can be overwhelming at first, but Chair Up knows its customers and offers all they will need for their new space!

Lightweight and Sturdy

All outdoor restaurant furniture requires special finishing, and each piece on this website has exquisitely treated, weatherproof, and heat resistant treatment to suit all kinds of outdoor conditions. The sand on the beach, the sun, and even the harshness of wind will not break the new and modern look of these stools!

From chairy to backless

Chair Up has all kinds of designs! If you want fillers to make the space look fuller, or if you want an arrangement where everyone can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance, there is a piece for every mood!

The backless stools on the website are more than just a seat. They have footrests and can be put in any corner, against the bar, or even near high tables to create the look you want.

Some Popular Pieces

Sentinel Backless Powder Coated Industrial Steel Bar Stool

The pink, yellow, white, green, blue, or orange stool is of the perfect height, and people often get carried away due to its gloss! This stool is not plastic but steel, and it has a lot of strength and can take a lot of years before its gloss looks slightly dull.

The maintenance of this stool is minimal, but the shine is excellent. Moreover, you will not have to worry about lifting heavy furniture in and out of the shade. While the finish is weatherproof, the light stool can be moved wherever you please.

The protection stumps on the feet and the contouring of the seat make it a comfy place for guests to lean forward on the bar and enjoy their time with friends. The shipping time for this steel seat is between five to ten days, so you can order now and plan the setting you would like!


Wicker Round Back Bar Stool

Wicker is one of the most comfortable yet easy-to-maintain materials, and Chair Up has used it in the best way to create a low-back and easy bar stool. With a sturdy footrest and a short back, this bar stool is a great way to make a statement that your bar is open, and it welcomes everyone.

Whether guests want to sit back and watch the Super Bowl at the bar or lean forward and listen to a friend, this stool offers a relaxed place where they can sit for hours.

Our customers love these bar stools because they do not look too crowded when placed close. Moreover, the low-back makes the space look open. Outdoor settings look more widespread when these stools adorn the various setups.

When you want to wrap up service from the outdoors, you can move these lightweight stools to keep them protected. The weatherproof finish of these stools makes it easy for business owners to maintain cleanliness and ensure that their space looks as new as years ago!


Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the difference between outdoor and indoor stools?

Outdoor stools and indoor stools at Chair Up restaurant furniture are not so different, except that the weatherproof treatment and material of some seats make them an excellent choice for outdoor settings. If you are looking for stools exclusively for the outdoors, you can select from various materials that do not get damaged outdoors. While for indoors we have more of wood so that you can keep a rich, and formal look alive.

• What kind of bat stools should go on a patio?

The patio has hard flooring, which may get scratched if the stools are not protected. You must select one of the outdoor stools here, as each of them has a protected structure. Moreover, if you want a lively and colorful ambiance, choose from the no-back stools or colorful mesh stools. A low-back stool can make the space look more open, but if you prefer a more comfortable seat, choose one of the chair stools that offer back support for guests who plan to be around for a long while.

• Will bar stools be appropriate for restaurants also?

Why not! Bar stools are not meant for just the bar. If you have a diner, or serve food at the bar in a restaurant, these stools are a perfect fit. You are the artist and designer of your business space. You can use these bar stools in any way that you like!