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Complete Tables

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  1. Bambi 24X24 Steel outdoor table -Cement
    Bambi 24X24 Steel outdoor table
    As low as $323.95
  2. Bambi 32X32 Steel outdoor table -Cement
    Bambi 32X32 Steel outdoor table
    As low as $396.95
  3. Bambi 36X36 Steel outdoor table -Cement
    Bambi 36X36 Steel outdoor table
    As low as $444.95
  4. Bambi 24X32 Steel outdoor table -Cement
    Bambi 24X32 Steel outdoor table
    As low as $406.00
  5. Enzo Dawson Umbrealla Hole Square Table-Cement-32x32
    Enzo Dawson Umbrealla Hole Square Table
    As low as $466.00
  6. Easton  Umbrella Hole Round Table - Cement
    Easton Umbrella Hole Round Table
    As low as $438.00
  7. Gavin Fable Umbrella Hole Rectangular Table - Cement
    Gavin Fable Umbrella Hole Rectangular Table
    As low as $527.00
  8. Jace Kinsley Indoor/Outdoor Square Table - Cement 24x24
    Jace Square HEAVY DUTY contract-grade Steel Indoor/Outdoor Table (Dining Height) - multiple colors/sizes
    As low as $299.00
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9 Items

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Comple Tables for Restaurants & Commercial

Our partners know that the tables from this website are not a quick buy for need, but a lifelong purchase for making your eateries look like you just renovated! The light, sturdy, and very economical tables at Chair Up have been decorating dining halls for years and now you can style your business space with tables that don’t only serve the purpose but are a comfortable piece of furniture for your customers too!

The right height means the right table

With all the chairs available on this website, we have designed the right height and weight of each table to make your seating sets a brilliant way to make space for your restaurant or café customers to have meaningful talks over a table that supports! Moreover, these tables will sustain heat, food drops, spills and still look as good as they did when you received them. The polished finish of every table top and the light, yet strong base are the best way to go!

Will you sit comfortably in a restaurant where the tables wobble and you fear that it may topple over if you place food on it? We keep our tables simple, with leg protectors and a rubber base on each leg to reduce noise while you move them, and more importantly, keep the table balanced. 

Indoors or outdoors-the choice is yours!

The complete table sets are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. You can select the Bambi round steel outdoor table, or the Round Drizzle table to make your outdoor or indoor setting a picture-perfect scene! 

The materials used by Chair Up manufacturers are aluminum and beechwood, which are light and easy to manage. Whether you choose an outdoor theme or need tables for the main dining hall, the look will never be mediocre! Chair Up styling is always the best for all the themes that you can think of!

Our Best Sellers

Inox Table with Base-Stainless Steel

The diner look from the retro days can never go out of style. The best table for a small gathering, the Inox has enough space on the 24x24 table top. 

You can order this in round and square according to your theme and restaurant décor. The best tables require low maintenance and a high-end look. The Inox is best of the best in both these sectors. The round table has a diameter of two feet and the square goes all edges at this length. The easy-to-clean surface will look the same even when you have served thousands of customers!

The Inox comes in an aluminum finish and gives a clean look whether you use it indoors or out on the patio. Our customers love the table as it is the sturdiest piece that you can get at this price.

32x32 Clip X Table

Lo and behold! The round and small table with cross legs and a small base area is the right fit for two people, or even four. The base is big enough to balance the top, but it is small enough to give the customer's foot space too. The aluminum base and the polished tabletop are a graceful addition to outdoor cafes, or indoor snack bars and restaurants. 

The material of this tabletop is DureITOP in fiberglass polypropylene with UV additives. The various color options make this table a good pick for your business space. 

The shipping time for these tables is a maximum of ten days, which means that even if you order today, you will not be setting up your new space within the month! In simple steps, these tables will reach you without any extra charges!

Triumph Folding 20x28 Steel outdoor table

Available in green and antique-iron colors, the Triumph is your way to win customers! This easy and accommodating table will keep your guests comfortable and they will enjoy your eatery because of the sitting! The Triumph can pair up well with any of the chairs from our outdoor sets, and the look will be inviting always. Whenever you want to redo your outdoor café or want to expand the business, select this table and we will ship it within ten days!

The powder finish and the everlasting color will stay new for years. The rubber covers for the feet and the folding legs make movement easier. Now you don’t have to depend on staff to move heavy tables in and out, the task is easy with these lightweight aluminum tables, finished giving a rich look! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Why should I buy complete tables?

Chair Up is all about durability and convenience. When you select a complete table, it comes with the stand and top so that your work of selecting the right pieces ends here! Select from the wide variety of lightweight aluminum tables that are easy for outdoor setups, and they will look new and maintained for years to come.

• How do I know the tables are durable?

Chair Up ensures tested restaurant furniture for all. When you order a complete table from our website, you receive tested and reviewed furniture. The last step of production is to test and review each article for strength and durability. Whatever you receive has passed weeks of testing and that is why we are confident that while our tables are economical, they go a long way to become an investment!

• Are these tables made in China?

Chair Up is a proud American brand with the best team that assembles each piece by hand according to American standards. We do not rely on foreign expertise and while we cannot criticize other manufacturers, Chair Up will never let you down because we follow each process the American way: self-managed and human! You will never fear sudden breaks as all the raw materials and component assembly is done in America for the people of America!

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