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Bar Restaurant Chairs

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  1. Ballroom Chiavari Chair - Resin - Rose Gold - CLEARANCE

    Special Price $72.00 Regular Price $89.00

  2. Olivia Arm Chair Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Chair-Black

    Special Price $159.00 Regular Price $399.95

  3. Hairpin Chair

    As low as $159.00

  4. Hamburg Hardwood Oval Back Side Chair

    As low as $157.00

  5. Curly Q Chair

    As low as $166.00

  6. Custom Tufted-Chair 484246 PSPBNH nail trim PS6


  7. Bistro Metal Chair Burgundy


  8. Jeremy Chair PSPB Velvet Brown


  9. Rhonda arm Chair

    As low as $230.95

  10. Spindle Chair

    As low as $189.00

  11. Orchard (Eu) Chair

    As low as $135.00

  12. Devon PS4 Padded Back Chair SR

    As low as $277.95

  13. Park Ave Chair SR

    As low as $168.95

  14. Modern Industrial School Chair Walnut steel frame


  15. Vertical Chair SR

    As low as $143.95

  16. Library Chair

    As low as $164.95

  17. Round Back King Louis Fully Upholstered Traditional Chair - Custom


  18. VERTICAL Chair

    As low as $143.95

  19. Dublin PSPB Chair Walnut


  20. Library Chair SR

    As low as $164.95

  21. Rope Chair

    As low as $229.99

  22. Amore Chair padded back Chair


  23. Tornado Chair

    As low as $94.95

  24. Vertical Chair PFPBNH Padded front Padded back Nailheads


  25. Star side Chair

    As low as $224.00

  26. Steel outdoor restaurant patio folding chair

    As low as $75.00

  27. Steel outdoor restaurant patio folding chair - Yellow

    Special Price $69.00 Regular Price $75.00

  28. Amore Chair

    As low as $219.95

  29. Bolonia Side Chair Wired Mesh Steel Outdoor Chair-Black

    Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $365.95

  30. Hairpin Chair Cane Back


  31. Modern Flower Outdoor Aluminum Dining Arm Chair

    As low as $259.00

  32. Thanos Chair Copper


  33. Triumph arc Steel Folding Chair Red


  34. HYBRID Chair

    As low as $143.95

  35. Hairpin padded seat padded back chair

    As low as $244.95

  36. Hairpin VW Chair Unfinished


  37. Window pane chair Padded Front Chair SR

    As low as $215.95

  38. PrestonPadded BackNH Chair

    As low as $258.95

  39. Vertical Padded Front NH Chair SR

    As low as $241.95

  40. Nappa PS Padded Back Chair SR

    As low as $263.95

  41. Hairpin PSPB Chair Black


  42. Hairpin Chair Natural


  43. Modern Orenlo Arpenz Stocking Chair

    As low as $125.00

  44. Hidu Molded Resin Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair

    As low as $89.00

  45. Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair-Red


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Items 1-45 of 305

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Restaurant Chairs for Sale

Chair Up is all about seating, comfort, and style! All the restaurant chairs for sale are designed to deliver convenience to the customer and add style to your restaurant.

Not just eateries and restaurants, we have handsome chairs and an excellent collection of indoor and outdoor sitting so that your business space will look elegant while the customer feels at home. We use the best material, and our craftsmanship is on point. You will find practical and economical solutions, and we know you will marvel at how easy it is to utilize space and add charm! 

Please take a look at our upholstered chairs and select the one that suits your indoor setting. The outdoor chairs and couches are appropriately upholstered with waterproof and weatherproof material so that you don't worry about faded covers or water-soaked cushions. Our chairs for gardens and patios are designed to stand the heat while offering good seating for all your customers. We guarantee a good experience when you buy from Chair Up! 


The material, finishing, and style for every space

Do you have a formal restaurant? Or are you looking for some outdoor chairs for a patio set-up? Whichever type you have in mind, Chair Up has the finesse, class, and excellent material that will fit right in. The best steel, aluminum, bentwood, upholestered and beechwood chairs are now on display, and you can choose the one you like.

Outdoor chairs in acrylic, aluminum, and steel are available in all designs here. What's more, is that you never have to compromise on one quality for another! Comfort does not mean there is no style, and style does not mean uncomfortable sitting!


Rustic, modern, classic-we have it all!

Chair Up offers Victorian-style designs to the Retro stripes and square chairs that we all saw at our favorite diners! You can select the theme as you desire, and we can guarantee you will find suitable chairs here. Look through the leather upholstered and the lightweight, stackable chairs. We know you will love the designs enough to change the theme if you have to!

Our hardwood finish and walnut-colored chairs are vintage designs that Chair Up brought back to life proudly! Shop today, and you will receive the order with a week. Only the customized and bulk orders will take longer, but we ensure timely and safe shipment.


Popular Products


Jeremy Chair PSPB Velvet Brown

If you want your customers to be comfortable so they can order away and enjoy their meal, here is the perfect lounger! Our Jeremy Chair gives comfortable seating without taking too much space. Another advantage of this chair is that it can move without a hard push, thanks to the lightweight Beachwood construction! Your customers will come again and ask for the same table! We assure you it will be the chair they meant to ask for! 

Tenten Lounge Chair Black

Here's an excellent pick for restaurant owners who like to treat their customers like royalty—the ideal leather chair with arms and a relaxed seat and back. The Tenten is among our best-sellers. The sleek look and desired comfort come together in the creation of this chair. The comfortable seat is spacious, and the leather look fits the decorum of every restaurant space.

The Tenten is easy to clean, and the rich leather upholstery stays the same for years and years. 

You can choose the color that goes with your setting. Book this comfy chair, and we will ship it to you within five days.

Windsor Chair Black

A reasonably priced chair that stands the test of time. Our Windsor chair has been in demand for years as the Windsor community is growing. The classic design and the comfort of a foam cushion and faux leather cover make this chair an excellent fit for outdoor and indoor seating. 

The Windsor chair has a lightweight construction, and you can stack them. The smooth black paint and the upright structure goes with all kinds of tabletops. You can select an outdoor black solid table, or a laminate top-it is all about preference!

Stack Chair Burgundy

A proud presentation, the Stack Chair is our hot-seller, and there are many reasons for that! The construction is steel, and the sturdiness of this chair is its sturdiest feature too. Soft foam cushion comes with a burgundy cover to add color and class. Stack chairs have a black finish that goes with all styles.

Order this masterpiece today, and we will ship it to you within five days. 

Metal Ballroom Chair 

For all banquet settings and wedding arrangements, the Ballroom chair is excellent. However, these metal chairs can complement any restaurant space. The comfortable back and the soft cushion will ensure customers' ease as they enjoy your services to their fullest. The gold Ballroom Chair adds a Victorian touch, and it is lightweight so that you can arrange and rearrange according to your liking. 

We offer numerous cushion prints for you to select according to the mood. Our fast shipping will get this chair to you in five days. 


• Are restaurant chairs made with natural wood? 

Chair Up is a sustainable and economical brand that does not demand you to do regular cleaning, polishing, and maintenance of your restaurant furniture. The steel or aluminum chairs are painted and laminated to give a rich wood finish. Some items have wooden detailing, such as a seat or back, but the basic structure of the chair is metal.

Isn't it disturbing when wooden chairs start squeaking, and you have to tighten them? We also understand the perils of light polish and the constant risk of breakage while stacking! Chair Up has all kinds of restaurant and café chairs, and not only do they look great, but they also last much longer!

• Can we customize chairs?

Yes, of course! If you already do not find the design that you want, you can reach out to us and explain what you have in mind. Sometimes, clients are looking for a chair with arms, while the website shows them an option with armrests. We can send you the same design without the armrests, and many chairs are available with and without armrests! Look through the designs, and you will be surprised at the details we have altered for you. Share the design, and we are sure we have something similar!

• Is every product shipped within three days?

We ship all items the same day, and you receive them within five days. Thanks to our Fast Ship service, we have never delayed our deliveries. However, some items that are customized or need alterations may take longer to prepare and then ship. The most extended wait for any chair is one month, and that is also the lounger that is ordered in large amounts. 

• Will the steel chairs rust?

Chair Up has designed and treated all products with the worst weather situations in mind! If you are worried that your patio restaurant might start looking old and unkempt, don't worry about it! We have painted and treated all metal chairs so that the look of your restaurant stays the same until you decide to renovate.