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Congratulations on finding the best solutions for your eateries, working spaces and restaurant furniture settings where elegant furniture is designed to meet the style and comfort of your property. Using various kinds of materials, and bringing them together with expert engineering, aesthetics and the best craftsmanship, we try and meet our customers’ needs with every piece.

Whether you have a formal setting, or a rendezvous lounge that should encourage people to sit back and forget the perils of mundane everyday life, we have the most suitable furniture for you! Here is a brief introduction of all that this website holds. We know you will find each category attractive and we ensure you that everything you see is within your reach because we ship it fast, and with extra care to support your business.

Chair Up is the first choice for so many restaurant owners for many reasons. We take pride in being the pioneers of affordable restaurant furniture without compromising on style or comfort. What sets us apart is the fact that this website is one of a kind online store where you can order various kinds of indoor, and outdoor furniture that can complete the look of your business space without putting a hole in your pockets.

Restaurant Chairs

The restaurant chairs on our website include cushioned, non-cushioned, wood, metal, bentwood and even plastic material tailored into beautiful pieces to suit the ambiance you want to create – indoor and outdoor. The amazing thing is that when you receive these chairs, there is no need to assemble them as they are finished to be placed according to the setting you have in mind.

The indoor chairs and banquet chairs are designed for luxury and formality, with a rich finish which is easy to maintain than the heavy and old wooden chairs you moved away from. Every chair is not only a signature design, but some are recalled from the popular designs that left a mark. So every one of you who wants to relive the luxurious seating from the elaborate Victorian, or rustic era can find some exquisite chairs in this section, including the fully upholstered chair variety.

We also offer beautiful outdoor chairs to suit your restaurant’s needs. Durable yet stylish variety is waiting for you.

Bar Stools

Bar stools at Chair Up are made to fit the standards of not only our customers but your customers too! All restaurant owners and bar owners can rely on these sturdy, yet good looking bar stools that are a symbol of comfort and can chair customers for long hours.

It is challenging to create a comfortable seat when it is just four legs and a seat! However, Chair Up takes up the challenge with grace and proves it possible. Not only will customers enjoy the look but will have a great, comfortable time while ordering again!

We fashion bar stools for the outdoor and indoor settings and you can find the look that you wanted for your new business! Metal (Steel, aluminum), wood, plastic, resin and upholstered-we offer everything and anything that will complement the atmosphere you want to create.

Restaurant Table Tops

The center of the small universe you set at every service in your restaurant is the table top. Do you have round tables in mind? Or are lengthy counters the style for your restaurant? Chair Up offers table tops in wood and resin finish to look like marble. You will not have to spend too much money and time on maintenance of these tables as they will become more fancy and manageable because of the less time you spend on them, and make them serve customers for long!

Table Bases

The foundation on which it all stands, table bases are no less than any other piece of furniture available on the Chair Up website. Our customers become family as they rely on the material we use, and the sturdiness and longevity of every furniture piece we have to offer.

You can browse these table bases according to the style and we will ship them to you happily! Do not miss out on the tops and chairs or stools that will go with the base and you will be creating an affordable yet stylish look for your restaurant or outdoor café.

Vintage, modern and wooden table bases are all available at Chair Up.

Indoor and Outdoor

Our website layout is intensely focused on providing every potential customer with a view of the restaurant furniture according to their needs. If you are searching for outdoor furniture pieces, or specific indoor furniture, you can select the variety of materials, finishes and looks that adorn our online shop and will adorn your dining spaces too!

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andrew castelli

Mike Higgins

Recently purchased chairs from Chair-up fantastic customer service, great selection!! Dave is a stand up guy. I forgot my bag in his store with a considerable amount of cash in it not only was everything in my bag he was sure to let me know first chance he had. I have used him many times before and will be a lifetime customer. Thanks Dave!

John Montanez

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