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  1. Ozark Reclaimed Wood Table Top- Black
    Ozark Reclaimed Wood Table Top- Black
    As low as $145.95
  2. Ozark Reclaimed Wood Table Top- Walnut
    Ozark Reclaimed Wood Table Top- Walnut
    As low as $145.95
  3. Topeka Beechwood Top-
    Topeka Beechwood Top-
    As low as $149.95
  4. Laminate T- Molding Top-
    Laminate T- Molding Top-
    As low as $74.95
  5. Quartz Weatherproof Table Top
    Quartz Weatherproof Table Top
    As low as $446.95
  6. Granite Weatherproof Modern Table Top
    Granite Weatherproof Modern Table Top
    As low as $422.95
  7. Charleston High density Melamine Table Top- 1.75" Thick
    Charleston High density Melamine Table Top- 1.75" Thick
    As low as $109.95
  8. Aluminum Slatted Sidney - Outdoor Table Top - Wood-look
    Aluminum Slatted Sidney - Outdoor Table Top - Wood-look
    As low as $255.95
  9. Rustic Look Pine Top- Walnut
    Rustic Look Pine Top- Walnut
    As low as $170.95
  10. Plasteak ST Table Top
    Plasteak ST Table Top
    As low as $144.95
  11. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Marble
    Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Marble
    As low as $139.95
  12. 24" round Steel outdoor restaurant folding table
    24" round Steel outdoor restaurant folding table
    As low as $89.00
  13. 28" round Midas Metal Folding Table - Heavy Duty Steel Black with EASY LIFT handle
    28" round Midas Metal Folding Table - Heavy Duty Steel Black with EASY LIFT handle
    As low as $249.00
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Items 1-45 of 108

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Restaurant Table Tops

Table tops take the limelight when they are vacant and even after you serve. We know how every detail matters for restaurant décor, so we offer a wide variety of restaurant table tops in the best materials. Now having a lightweight table does not mean giving up on the design.

Chair Up has an excellent variety of tabletops that will add to the scene while giving you some time off from maintenance. The wood table tops from old times would require polishing, cleaning, and of course, there is the risk of dropping hot food! Our weatherproof table tops are laminate, which is good news for all business owners as they won't have to worry about scratches or stains from hot food. A simple wipe is enough for all the tabletops we offer.

Apart from the smooth surface qualities, these table tops are sturdy yet lightweight. You will never have to think twice about changing the arrangement or moving tables.

Chair Up believes in delivering quality restaurant furniture along with the quality of service. Our fast ship service will get the tabletops to you within a week. All the correspondence on the website will be quick, comfortable, and smooth-just like our tabletops!

Look through our website and revamp your restaurant to keep up with the times!


Indoors and outdoor tops.

Chair Up has a lot of variety for both indoor and outdoor tabletops. We have a variety of aluminum tops that have a lightweight quality. These tabletops are easy to clean and are great for outdoor dinners or patio restaurants.

The high-density laminates are an excellent choice as they give a wooden finish that looks classy and sleek. Take a look at the few surfaces that you can get in your desired sizes. You can also choose one of our steel tables that come in square or round shapes. Apart from the low maintenance, these tables provide enough space for customers to eat and look great in the outdoors!

The laminates come in various colors and have different designs, such as stone and wood. Now you can have stone tops and wood finish tops that weigh many times lighter and have zero maintenance issues!

The tabletop for the suitable restaurant space!

We know that every ready-made table will not fit in your required space. We offer sizes that you need! Restaurant chair Upsells the table tops according to the measurements customers provide. You don't need to worry about the shape. We can get it done for you any way you want. Isn't this most convenient!


Popular products

Weatherproof High-Pressure Laminate Restaurant Table Top

 The walnut finish tabletop is easy to maintain and can be used to cover all kinds of tables. Whether you have an outdoor arrangement or an indoor hall, the tables will add to the ambiance! The high-pressure laminate is scratchproof and has a fashionable gloss. The aluminum top is lightweight and will make it easier to move the table.

The walnut wood finish can go with all kinds of chairs. Whether you go for a Beachwood chair with a walnut finish or you decide on a folding chair with striped backs, the weatherproof tabletop can never look old and whatever you set on it looks fabulous! Measure the tabletops you need and choose the one that you need. We ship the tops within five days.

24-Round Steel Outdoor Table

The round mini table that can support bubbling glasses or heavy mugs of coffee, Chair Up has the smoothest tabletop to welcome your guests. The Oslo is for the outdoors, but they look a part of the scene even when arranged indoors. The lightweight tabletop is available in several colors. Pick the one you like and order now.

The round top is compact but good enough for a couple. The height of the tabletop is decent for restaurant bar stool and chairs. Customers feel good when they are correctly seated, and these table tops will ensure they have a relaxing time.

Our shipping service will not take more than nine days to get the table to you!

Inox Table with Base-Stainless Steel

The diner look from the retro days can never go out of style. The best table for a small gathering, the Inox, has enough space on the 24x24 table top.

You can order this in round and square according to your theme and restaurant décor. The best tables require low maintenance and a high-end look. The Inox is best of the best in both these sectors. The round table has a diameter of two feet, and the square goes all edges at this length. The easy-to-clean surface will look the same even when you have served thousands of customers!

The Inox comes in an aluminum finish and gives a clean look whether you use it indoors or out on the patio. Our customers love the table as it is the sturdiest piece that you can get at this price.

El Paso Mixed Wood Table Top

The mixed-wood finish in gloss makes El Paso a piece to remember! For all kinds of complete table settings, choose this rustic yet classic-looking table that is thick and sturdy but also supports all meal services. You do not have to worry about stains or scratches as there won't be any. Our Honey and Dark Walnut colors are a sensational hit!

The El Paso has a dark wood panel border, and the center panels run straight across the tabletop. When you are ordering this piece, be sure to order at least three days before you want to set them up.

24x24 Werzalit Zebrano

The stripes and grains of wood don't only add texture but also add class. The Werzalit is a hot-seller, and customers seem to love this tabletop outdoors or inside the hall. The rugged top and matt finish support low maintenance, and the best part is that it is so light you can move it around.

You can use the weatherproof top outdoors, and the color combinations are available for all kinds of chairs. We always know what you are looking for, and the Werzalit is the best offer you can get!

The tabletop is one inch thick, and the rustic look of a wood top makes it more appealing. The scratchproof and low-maintenance top will not require extra cleaning. You can clean it with surface cleaners, and they wouldn't mind anti-bacterial either!



• Are laminate tops heat-resistant also?

Chair Up High-Pressure Laminate tops are weatherproof and heatproof. We ensure that the finish never goes out of style. You will find these surfaces scratchproof and easy to maintain and match with restaurant table bases. Wood finish and stone finish tops are an excellent fix for all outdoor and indoor spaces! Check out our variety of laminates, and you will find the one that fits into your theme, design, and décor.

• Can I buy the table tops in any size?

For some articles, we have pre-cut measurements, and they are according to the usual table sizes we see in restaurants, cafes, and bars. However, if you want a tabletop to match the dimensions you have in mind, check out our variety that is open to your required measurements! Chair Up never disappoints.

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