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Bar stools for Restaurants, bars, Coffee shops

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  1. Curly Q Bar Stool Walnut


  2. Hairpin Bar Stool (Black)


  3. Kiona Metal Bar Stool with Veneer Seat & Back - Brown


  4. Hattie Vintage Black Metal Bar Stool with Veneer Back & Seat


  5. Judy Heavy Duty Modern Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $165.00

  6. Berlin Backless Bar Stool (Metal Foot ring)

    As low as $219.95

  7. French Bistro Bar Stool- Bamboo aluminum frame -

    As low as $199.99

  8. Astra Cross Back Bar Stool


  9. Lira Modern Espresso Bar Stool


  10. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Bar Stool - Walnut


  11. Toni Wishbone Wooden Elbow Bar Stool

    As low as $265.00

  12. Toni Wishbone Wooden Elbow Bar Stool - Black


  13. Luigi Low-back Stool


  14. Round Back King Louis Fully Upholstered Traditional BAR Stool


  15. Satchel Tasita Ladder-back Black Steel Bar Stool


  16. Reclaimed School Industrial Steel Distressed Bar Stool


  17. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Quick ship

    As low as $275.00

  18. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Burgundy


  19. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Grey


  20. Harlow Jalia Upholstered Seat Round Back Bar Stool


  21. Garnet Ioni Upholstered Square Back Bar Stool


  22. Cosette Dara Backless Upholstered Seat Bar Stool


  23. Besiana Solid Wood Bar Stool


  24. Pearson Sola Nailhead Trim Wood Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $205.00

  25. Safiya Backless Solid Wood Bar Stool

    As low as $189.00

  26. Coxian Wood Look Metal Fully Upholstered Bar Stool


  27. Attum Chorme Retro Styled Barstool


  28. Madrid Resin Outdoor Striped Bar Stool

    As low as $135.00

  29. Plasteak Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stool with Arms

    As low as $239.00

  30. Plasteak Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stool

    As low as $239.00

  31. Nora Bamboo-look with textilene Aluminum Frame Bar Stool - Light Oak


  32. Dutch Cross-Back Aluminum Stacking indoor/outdoor Bar Stool - Grey


  33. French Bistro Blue Madison Synthetic outdoor Bar Stool with Aluminum Bamboo frame - Blue White


  34. Homan Backless Modern Leather Bar Stool with Metal Frame

    As low as $155.95

  35. Athena Backless Modern Stitched Leather Bar Stool with Metal Frame

    As low as $139.95

  36. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Steel Bar stool - Outdoor-white

    Special Price $74.00 Regular Price $79.00

  37. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Steel Bar stool - Outdoor-Mint

    Special Price $74.00 Regular Price $79.00

  38. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Industrial Steel Bar stool - Outdoor

    As low as $74.00

  39. Atom Aluminum Bar Stool Stacking indoor/outdoor Black Frame with Rope Seat

    As low as $233.95

  40. Bilbao Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $275.00

  41. Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe -Natural


  42. Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe


  43. Jeremy Bar Stool PSPB (grey)


  44. Drum Backless Bar Stool - Wood Seat (other heights avail)


  45. Gerald Bar stool

    As low as $194.95

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Items 1-45 of 165

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Restaurant Bar Stools

The best part about Chair Up restaurant bar stools is that it serves comfort while catering class too! All the restaurants, bars, and studio eateries can select any of the designs that add to outdoor or indoor arrangements! At the end of the day, a seat is a seat that is supposed to provide comfort. 

Restaurants look for options that go with the space, the theme of the café or eatery, and it should be good enough for customers to order seconds! The stools on this page are designed to provide all the features that you look for in a seat. That is why each of them is popular. Scroll through all the options, and we know you will be clicking away to order soon! 

For outdoor bars and cafes, we have low-maintenance materials that can stand the weather and sun. Your indoor seating can be richer, and we have many items for you to select.

Chair Up provides a complete shopping experience as you can order the stools and receive them within days! Our shipments are on time as we never disappoint our partners! When you buy from this website, the product and service are a complete experience, and when you gain from the stools, it will be our success together.


Comfort and class go hand in hand.

Chair Up bar stools are made according to outdoor or indoor settings. You can find all kinds of materials and designs including metal stools, wood, upholstered and we are sure you will love them all! Check out our high stools with a comfortable back or if you require a regular seat, look for the colorful ones! We have everything for every occasion!

Without compromising on the material, we provide trendy styles that go with all kinds of bad moods. We have the wooden Fab Back Arm Bar Stool in walnut color if you are looking for an old tavern look. 

Do you want an outdoor café stool that can be placed next to the counter for your regular customers? We have the Isimar Bolonia to suit your style! Chair Up has seen all kinds of bars, and all our designs speak of them! 

The right size and the right mood!

Some bar and café stools are lower so that customers can eat comfortably, but others have a swiveling seat and low back for those who want a tumbler of bubbling drinks! Please scroll through our products to find the right product for your bar or restaurant.

Our stools can be categorized into steel, aluminum, wood, and acrylic materials. Each of them speaks the language of your business and looks as if you customized them for your space.

Not just for bars, these stools can work everywhere.

Chair Up does not only cater restaurant chairs and stools to bars and cafes. If you need several seats for the school cafeteria, lecture rooms, and congregational places, we have you covered! 

The aluminum stools are available in stackable and independent designs. Business owners who might worry about maintenance when ordering from other sources can unleash the creative side at our store. 

We know you will find suitable options according to your maintenance budget and time.

Bar stools are backless, but they are comfortable enough to allow visitors and customers to enjoy their drinks while relaxing in one of these stools! 

Popular Products:

Isimar Bolonia Wiired Mesh Steel

Here’s a beauty that will add more to your space! Isimar Bolonia is an ideal side stool with a sturdy and straightforward design. The rubber caps on the legs will keep them noise-free, while the treated steel will go for years. 

You can move these stackable stools in and out as often as you like, and our customers rave about the comfort they provide! Order today to receive these comfy and sleek chairs within a week! 

Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe

The cane back stool never goes out of style! Chair Up Michael Caned stools will take you to the old pubs of Europe where natural wood and the warmth of walnut polish come to life! 

The Michael stool has a solid hardwood construction with a dark polish and close-weave cane to provide support. The contoured seat adds charm to the stool. Pick these stools now, and we will deliver them to you within five days! 

Sentinel Backless Bar Stool

The acrylic stools are easy to maintain, and they look great! Not to mention the ease of stacking them away! 

Our Sentinel design is a hot-pick, and customers love these easy and trendy seats. Whether you need to furnish a bar or you want to set up a diner bar at the counter, these stools will go a long way! 

Choose from a variety of colors and liven up your business space with these stools. The Sentinel is popular among all kinds of customers. We have office spaces, schools, cafeterias, and even hospitals ordering this design. 

Tufted PSPB Bar Stool

The hardwood legs with floor protectors support an elegant seat with a tufted back and a comfortable cushion. These stools have some raving reviews, and we know that your customers will connect with your space because of the comfort and style of this chair alone! 

The rich leather and the matching wooden legs are a classic style statement. We can assure you that your customers will come again, and the Tufted PSPB will look as new as ever to them! The easy-to-clean tufted chair is a low-maintenance stool that looks exquisite with all kinds of table tops 

Bistro Backless Stool 

The cane looks with a sleek reddish finish to give a retro look! These stools are of light aluminum painted and treated to stay new and fresh! 

Bistro Backless stools are an excellent pick for your café or bar that will remind customers of simpler yet beautiful times. The best way to ensure your customers have a great time is to keep the mood light and the seating comfortable. With Bistro, you can do both these things in style! Order these stools today, and we will bring them to you in a short while!



• Can I order a small number of stools?

Chair Up knows that each customer is unique, and even if you have a few stools to buy, we will do our best to get them to you! Order today, and we will be delivering the ordered restaurant furniture on time.

• What kind of materials are available in stools?

The Chair Up stools are made with metal, hardwood like Beechwood, acrylic material, and aluminum. According to the mood and ambiance of your café or bar, we have a wide variety of each of these materials. All outdoor and indoor spaces look great when fashioned with these beautiful stools. We can assure quality, longevity, comfort, and easy maintenance no matter which ones you order.

• Will acrylic stools be suitable outdoors?

All our stools are treated to prevent them from rust, dust, and all other environmental factors. An acrylic is an excellent option for outdoor furniture settings. Whether you are looking for some low-maintenance or purely interested in a handsome look for the restaurant or bar, acrylic stools provide the chic and modern look your customers will like. The cherry on top is, the seats are super comfortable!