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  1. 28x28" Square Metal Folding Tables - Heavy duty steel - Black


  2. 24x24 Square Metal Folding Tables - Heavy duty steel

    As low as $229.00

  3. 24 Round" Chestnut Wood Folding table walnut wood- Black Heavy duty steel frame


  4. Chestnut Wood Folding table walnut wood- Black Heavy duty steel frame

    As low as $359.00

  5. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Oak Lagos

    As low as $104.00

  6. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Antique Wood Oak

    As low as $104.00

  7. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Travertine

    As low as $104.00

  8. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Black

    As low as $104.00

  9. Werzalit Tops Heavy Duty Outdoor Table Top Marble

    As low as $139.95

  10. Plasteak Top Synthetic wood Feels like wood Rustic Grey

    As low as $149.00

  11. Plasteak Top Synthetic wood Feels like wood Rustic Brown

    As low as $149.00

  12. 24" round Steel outdoor restaurant folding table

    As low as $89.00

  13. 24" round Steel outdoor restaurant folding table - Yellow

    Special Price $89.00 Regular Price $120.00

  14. Plasteak ST Table Top

    As low as $154.95

  15. Round Carrera White Marble-look Top (brass edge)

    As low as $280.95

  16. Weatherproof High pressure laminate restaurant table top - Walnut

    As low as $126.95

  17. Weatherproof High pressure laminate restaurant table top - Dark Grey

    As low as $126.95

  18. Weatherproof High pressure laminate restaurant table top - Carrera white

    As low as $126.95

  19. High Density Stone Resin Composite - Rustic Multicolor

    As low as $147.95

  20. High Density Stone Resin Composite - Grey

    As low as $154.95

  21. Cross-hatch Weatherproof - Teak Top

    As low as $276.95

  22. Plasteak ST Top24- Tan


  23. 24x24 Werzalit -Wenge


  24. Werzalit Top (quick-ship)

    As low as $144.95

  25. Jerzalit Top - Rustic-Wood-look

    As low as $133.95

  26. Jerzalit Top - Wood-Look

    As low as $133.95

  27. Inox Table with Base- Stainless-Steel

    As low as $149.95

  28. Baltimore Outdoor Werzalit Table Top - Cinnamon Hazel Brown

    As low as $115.00

  29. Kansas Outdoor Werzalit Table Top - Dark Grey

    As low as $115.00

  30. Louisiana Outdoor Werzalit Table Top - Light Grey Aluminum

    As low as $115.00

  31. Jerzalit Top - Quartz-replica

    As low as $133.95

  32. Inox Table Top - Stainless-Steel

    As low as $112.95

  33. Jerzalit Top - Granite-Replica

    As low as $133.95

  34. Aluminum Slatted Sidney - Outdoor Table Top - Wood-look

    As low as $255.95

  35. High Density Stone Resin Composite - White

    As low as $147.95

  36. 24x24 Werzalit -Clearance (stock may vary)-Grey-Wash


  37. Triumph folding 20X28 Steel outdoor table

    As low as $220.95

  38. Triumph folding 32-Round Steel outdoor table

    As low as $259.00

  39. Triumph folding 44X28 Steel outdoor table

    As low as $356.95

  40. 24-Round Drizzle Table

    As low as $173.95

  41. Werzalit Top - Carrera marble look white - 24x24


  42. 24-Round Drizzle Table-Anthracite


  43. Granite Weatherproof - Top

    As low as $422.95

  44. Bambi 24X24 Steel outdoor table -Aluminum


  45. 32x32 Clip X Table

    As low as $264.95

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Items 1-45 of 82

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Outdoor Restaurant Table Tops

Whenever you enter an eatery or a café, you look for a comfortable chair and sink in while resting your arms at the table. The tabletop can decide whether you want to eat at the café or not! Chair Up table tops are a work of art when it comes to construction and material, but our aim is to make your guests decide that they want this table!

All the tabletops on our website are designed to match with any chair that you select. While chairs have to be comfortable, the table has to stand firm and take the weight so that the spread laid overlooks attractive. These tables are not just flat top. They are the center of your business space!

Material and Design

Wood finish, marble, resin, and all kinds of finished tables welcome a wide array of customers who are looking for a reliable table to lean on! When looking for a good tabletop, restaurant owners ask about the material and the design. Gone are the days when table tops had to be heavy wood, with a thick layer of polish that needed daily waxing or polishing. Chair Up has durable materials shaped into thin, sturdy, and good-looking tops! You can select the thickness and the design, and we know that your restaurant will look just as you wish it.

From stone resin, werzalit, aluminum to teak, steel, and laminate-we have it all in one place for you to compare and pick.

Economical and Practical

Every tabletop on our website is crafted to deliver the look and hold all the weight. This table will never get stained whether you serve hot dishes or a cool drink. The economic table tops are light enough to be moved so that you can keep changing the settings as you like! Moving tables, joining them, and creating sets to suit your theme, everything is possible with Chair Up tabletops.

Our customers can never ignore the economic factor, and we understand that you want to spend a minimum on the furniture. All the tables on display are reasonably priced and are so practical in use that it is hard not to become used to them!


The sturdy material of all the tabletops requires a daily cleaning routine, which involves nothing more than wiping. The hard treatment and finish are such that you will never need hours to polish or scrub the surfaces. All the tables remain new, even if they suffer dropped food, drinks, and hot dishes-all the tabletops keep up with the ambiance of comfort and hygienic service.


The tabletops on display can be attached to any stand and be prepared for outdoor or indoor service. Whether you have a formal banquet setting or a casual diner, you can find the right piece here. Click to the color option, thickness, and size of the tabletop, and we prepare it for your restaurant or business space!

You can select shapes, and we ensure that the tabletops you receive are better than what you imagine. Every piece here is customizable in size, and we respect the customers who go the extra mile to create something that they want. Our expert artisans will reshape, mold, and polish each tabletop to deliver a color-treated, safe-to-use, and lovely tabletop!


Some of the Best Table Tops

Weatherproof High-Pressure Laminate Restaurant Table Top

The white marble look can never go out of style. Whether you have a patio setting or an indoor restaurant that needs some dressing up, this tabletop is ideal for all! The gloss finish looks like marble stone, while the material is laminate that is scratch and stain-proof.

The white marble finish will uplift the ambiance and add a luxurious look. After every service, this tabletop requires a quick wipe, and it will be ready for the next guest. An extra tip for all our customers is to keep a dry cloth handy and give the tabletop a dry wipe after cleaning it. The gloss will never go, and the table will look as if it is brand new!

These tables are the best for any public place or an institutional setting!

Crosshatch Weatherproof Teak Top

The Crosshatch has an excellent design and looks perfect for patios, terraces, and outdoor settings. When you see this tabletop, you can almost imagine overlooking a hill or a sunny, bright day as you sit under an umbrella, sipping a cold drink. This table can be the center for any kind of theme, and the rich teak will add to the ambiance in many ways.

Whether you want a casual bar, or you have a traditional breakfast or brunch banquet-this table is the right fit. Now there will be no covers for simple tables as this tabletop demands to be without one. The teak wood is polished to perfection, and the crosshatch design is an exciting addition.

You can select the table in round or square cute in various sizes. All our customers appreciate the low-maintenance yet high quality of this table. However, if you want the color to remain true forever, the use of oil for the wooden surface is a must. This routine will not take long and will give you excellent results!


Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the material used for outdoor table tops?

Chair Up does not offer anyone material but has a full range of wood, stone resin, laminate, aluminum, and many others! You can choose the material of choice with a simple and easy-to-maintain surface, and we can assure you these tables are not going out of style any time soon!

• How many days will it take for the tabletops to arrive if I order today?

The shipping time for each item is mentioned in the specifications. However, none of the tabletops take longer than ten days for shipping. Some tables require gluing, screwing, and other assembling tasks, and then we pack each piece to reach you safely.

• Which tabletop is best for a sidewalk café?

All table tops are designed to match café and restaurant themes. You can choose laminate or wooden tabletops if you want to give it a formal look. Moreover, you can go for aluminum or resin if you prefer a casual look.