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  1. Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Modern Table Base (Brass)
    Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Modern Table Base (Brass)
    As low as $189.00
  2. X-Base (dining) Cast-Iron
    X-Base (dining) Cast-Iron
    As low as $75.00
  3. Round Base (dining) Cast-Iron
    Round Base (dining) Cast-Iron
    As low as $96.00
  4. Ashley (dining) Cast-Iron
    Ashley (dining) Cast-Iron
    As low as $159.00
  5. Chrome Base (dining) Chrome
    Chrome Base (dining) Chrome
    As low as $89.95
  6. Inox light weight Aluminum Base
    Inox light weight Aluminum Base
    As low as $75.95
  7. Margot Base (dining) Cast-Aluminum
    Margot Base (dining) Cast-Aluminum
    As low as $149.00
  8. Round Washington Base (Dining Height) Modern Table Base (Brass)
    Round Washington Base (Dining Height) Modern Table Base (Brass)
    As low as $175.00
  9. Heavy Duty Tulip Base (brass gold plated)  Dining height
    Heavy Duty Tulip Base (brass gold plated) Dining height
    As low as $359.00
  10. Flip Base (dining)
    Flip Base (dining)
    As low as $145.95
  11. Square Washington Base (dining) Black Steel
    Square Washington Base (dining) Black Steel
    As low as $174.95
  12. Round Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Indoor/Outdoor Table Base (black)
    Round Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Indoor/Outdoor Table Base (black)
    As low as $159.95
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Items 1-45 of 122

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Bar & Restaurant Table Bases

We have many restaurant table bases options! Your restaurant or café will be unique as you explore the various combinations and the outcome when coupled with our comfortable seating options. Our customers are the best critics, and every model is an improvement as we believe in evolution!

Choose the steel bases or the lightweight aluminum ones to suit your requirements. Whichever floor you choose, long life and easy maintenance are our promises! Be sure to select the tabletop and base together, so we ship them to you within a week at most. Once you order, you can start making space and think of arrangements that you want to have in the halls or outside on the patio!

Chair Up table bases are designed with all kinds of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs, and each design has a story to tell. From the concept on print, production, finishing, and then displaying it for you, we plan each step to ensure that you get the best companion for your restaurant chairs, and the restaurant's ambiance gets a boost!


Nobody knows to support the way we do

We understand the everyday struggle of restaurant owners who want to create a beautiful look and want restaurant furniture that can move around easily. Not to mention, maintenance is essential as nobody has the time to shut the doors, close business, and polish tables!

Chair Up table bases are designed to go with all kinds of tops. Victorian, retro, rustic, and modern are all a part of the same category in our collection! We believe in the strength, and that is visible in all the table bases here! Order yours soon and join the community that has class and knows how to save time to maintain it!

Table bases can be light.

You may have walked into a restaurant that looks the same as it did a decade ago. The look might be comforting, but it is due to the immobility of the heavy tables they used back in the day! Chair Up is new, innovative, and has numerous options according to your style. Our table bases are designed for indoors, outdoors, and bars that suggest a taller base! But what takes the trophy is how lightweight they are! You will not find a better design than what we have on display!

Sturdy material means long life.

The table bases at Chair Up are made with steel, hardwood, and aluminum. You can select the one that complements your tabletop, and it will go on for years without looking a day older! The designs of these table bases are classic, Victorian, rustic, and modern, and we have many options for those who are trying to save up some space. The material is supportive, and it is rust-free and weatherproof, so you will not have to worry about worn-out furniture as your restaurant thrives!


Popular Products

Gemma Cast Iron base

The Gemma Cast Iron is a great design and can be set up outdoor or indoors. The scalloped base is small, aesthetically beautiful and the cast iron built supports all that you can place on the top!

The design of this base can go with our wood finish tabletops, or you can select a laminate that accentuates the vintage look and adds style to your restaurant. Our delivery time is between five days and thirty days, depending on your location and quantity ordered. We know that you can already imagine the 'height' that this base can give your restaurant!

24-Square Washington

The bar table base with no drama and does its job perfectly, Washington square base is a good pick for the bars and cafes that focus on service and zero-maintenance furniture! The steel construction is robust, and the base is big enough to balance the tabletop. There will be no toppling or unbalanced acts as this base knows how to hold the ground.

Chair Up delivers all items within a week, as we know you are ready to set up! Here is an excellent design and perfect balance for your bar, and we promise that this base will not steal the limelight.

R-18w/Foot Rest

 The bar table should be strong for customers to lean, and it should be as comfortable as possible. How can a table base be comfortable? We attach a footrest to it! All your bar customers will hang out a little longer if the seating is comfortable. Couple this base with a sturdy table top and one of our comfy bar stools, and you will win regular visitors! The iron construction is strong and polished black to provide a great look while keeping the material rust and wear-proof.



• Are the steel table bases for outdoor settings?

Chair Up has exclusive collections for indoors and outdoor. You can select the outdoor options to get weatherproof, treated, and long-lasting furniture. Whether you have a roadside café, a patio restaurant, or a bar outdoors, we have the right options for you.

• How will I know if this table base can support the tabletop I have in mind?

Our product descriptions, customer service, and our fervor to help you find the right pick will be your support system through the purchase! We will guide you about the suitable table base to go with the tabletop you have in mind. We will let you know if our customer service representative believes that the tabletop is too big or too small for a particular base. Typically, the 24-inch base can support a 30-inch diameter top of a three feet square table. The 30 or 36-round table base can support up to a 52-inch diameter top or a four feet square top. 

• Can I repaint the tablebases?

It depends on the table base you bought. Our matt finish bases are treated to prevent any rust or weather effects. Chair Up uses the best material, and the table bases will not get old or worn out. There is hardly any need for repainting but if you want to venture this, be sure to use excellent quality paint that has a matt finish or mild gloss like that was on the table base when it arrived. The table base will never get old, and if done properly, repainting might give them a new twist!

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