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Table Bases

Everyone hates a wobbly table, so don’t buy cheap ones! We hate when customers complain as much as you do so we make sure to sell only the most strong and sturdy table bases. If you really don’t want your table to wobble, buy a three-leg base (they don’t wobble!)  Or we have special add-ons or bases that will not wobble even with especially unlevel floors. And we completely agree! Table bases form the foundation of your restaurant or bar furniture, which is why it is oh-so-important to get it just right! But no worries, we’ve got you covered. We offer table bases of so many styles and varieties that you are bound to find one that is just right for your place. Here, you’ll find everything ranging from indoor restaurant table bases to outdoor restaurant table bases. From modern restaurant table bases to vintage bar table bases, all of which are capable of taking your tabletops to the next level (no pun intended!). You can choose from any material that you want – we’ve got aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, chrome, even rustic pine! Not only are these materials long-lasting and durable, but they are also snazzy and sophisticated. Not to mention, we completely get that style is everything. This is why we’ve got dozens of designs for you to choose from. Minimalists would love our simple and elegant designs, while others will find some of our detailed and intricate designs more to their taste. The bottom line is that whatever you are looking for, the answer is right here!

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  1. Gemma Cast-Iron


  2. Petra (dining) Cast-Iron


  3. 24-Square Washington (bar/black) Black-Steel


  4. 18-Square Washington (bar/black) Black-Steel


  5. 18-Square Washington (dining/black) Black-Steel


  6. 23-Round Washington (bar/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  7. 18-Round Washington (bar/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  8. Square Washington Base (bar) Stainless-Steel


  9. 24-Square Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  10. 18-Square Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  11. Square Washington Base (bar) Black-Steel


  12. Rectangle Washington (bar/black) Black-Steel


  13. Square Washington Base (dining) Black Steel

    As low as $122.95

  14. Rectangle Washington (dining/black) Black-Steel


  15. Round Washington Base (bar) Stainless-Steel


  16. Round Washington Base (dining) Stainless-Steel


  17. Rectangle Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  18. R-24w/ Foot Rest (bar) Cast-Iron


  19. R-18w/ Foot Rest (bar) Cast-Iron


  20. X-22 (bar) Cast-Iron


  21. Juliet XL 22x22 (dining) Cast-Iron


  22. X-Base (dining) Cast-Iron

    As low as $57.95

  23. Flip Base (dining)

    As low as $133.95

  24. Flip base (dining/black) Black


  25. Chrome Base (dining) Chrome

    As low as $81.95

  26. 3-Leg Base Cast-Iron (dining height)


  27. C2323 (dining) Chrome


  28. 3-Leg Base Cast-Iron (bar height)


  29. Chrome-T Base (dining) Chrome


  30. Boltdown Base (cast-iron)


  31. C2323 (bar) Chrome


  32. Margot Base (dining) Cast-Aluminum

    As low as $189.95

  33. Pin Base Cast-Iron


  34. Dessi 4-leg (Bar) Cast-Iron


  35. Margot Base (bar) Cast-Aluminum

    As low as $221.95

  36. Margot2424 (dining) Cast-Aluminum


  37. Margot3232 (dining) Cast-Aluminum


  38. Margot Rectangle (bar height) Cast-Aluminum


  39. Margot Rectangle Alum (dining) Cast-Aluminum


  40. Margot2424 (bar) Cast-Aluminum


  41. Margot3232 (bar) Cast-Aluminum


  42. Cleo (dining) Cast-Iron


  43. 24-Dante (bar) Cast-Iron


  44. Dimitri Cast-Iron


  45. Inox light weight Aluminum Base

    As low as $69.95

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Items 1-45 of 84

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