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Wood Bar Stools

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  1. Curly Q Bar Stool Walnut


  2. Hairpin Bar Stool (Black)


  3. Hattie Vintage Black Metal Bar Stool with Veneer Back & Seat


  4. Judy Heavy Duty Modern Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $165.00

  5. Toni Wishbone Wooden Elbow Bar Stool - Black


  6. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Grey


  7. Tavern Bar stool Mahogany SR

    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $129.95

  8. Drum Backless Bar Stool - Wood Seat (other heights avail)


  9. Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe -Natural


  10. Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe


  11. Toni Wishbone Wooden Elbow Bar Stool

    As low as $265.00

  12. Jeremy Bar Stool PSPB (grey)


  13. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Bar Stool - Walnut


  14. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Quick ship

    As low as $249.00

  15. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Burgundy


  16. Geneva Bar Stool

    As low as $239.00

  17. XBack Bistro Bar Stool Walnut


  18. Hamburg Oval Stool Bar Stool

    As low as $245.95

  19. Frankfurt 48500 Traditional Bentwood Bar Stool

    As low as $224.00

  20. Hairpin Bar Stool

    As low as $214.95

  21. Curly Q Bar Stool

    As low as $212.00

  22. Lira Modern Espresso Bar Stool


  23. Reclaimed School Industrial Steel Distressed Bar Stool


  24. Garnet Ioni Upholstered Square Back Bar Stool


  25. FANBACK ARM Bar Stool

    As low as $339.00

  26. Reclaimed School Backless Bar stool Walnut


  27. Reclaimed Square Bar stool

    As low as $206.95

  28. Reclaimed Square Backless Bar stool

    As low as $154.95

  29. Berlin Backless Bar Stool (Metal Foot ring)

    As low as $219.95

  30. Round Back King Louis Fully Upholstered Traditional BAR Stool


  31. 48115 Backless Tavern Bar Stool

    As low as $129.95

  32. Guitar Backless Bar Stool Walnut


  33. Berlin Backless Bar Stool Walnut


  34. Backless Bentwood Bar Stool 48316

    As low as $198.00

  35. Squared Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $224.95

  36. Tavern Backless Bar stool 48115SR

    As low as $99.00

  37. Cosette Dara Backless Upholstered Seat Bar Stool


  38. Pearson Sola Nailhead Trim Wood Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $205.00

  39. Safiya Backless Solid Wood Bar Stool

    As low as $189.00

  40. Bilbao Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $299.95

  41. Murphy Irish Pub Backless Bar Stool


  42. Park Ave Bar stool SR

    As low as $254.95

  43. Dublin PS Padded Back Bar stool

    As low as $313.95

  44. Park ave Padded front NH Bar stool SR

    As low as $318.95

  45. Harlow Jalia Upholstered Seat Round Back Bar Stool


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Items 1-45 of 87

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Restaurant / Commercial Wood Bar Stool

Sometimes the smallest corners of the bar or restaurants can accommodate customers if only the seating is correct. Without making it look congested, our wooden stools provide a place to sit at the farthest end of the bar!

Check out the Chair Up wooden stools for style and comfort, along with more space for more people! Wooden restaurant bar stools are a comfortable and relaxed seat and will add to the customer’s experience.

You might not get such a wide variety of wooden stools that are low-maintenance and do not require weekly polishing or extra care. Some of the models here are made with light Beechwood, and the polish adds a rich and sophisticated look. If you need to keep some extra stools in store, you can get any of the stackable models!

Wooden bar stools look vintage. When you want customers to come and have a good time and not feel as if they got a ‘half-chair’ due to no back, choose our wooden stools! These seats are so comfortable that your customers will hang around for longer.

The QuickShip facility and the careful packaging of your order ensure that you never get any damaged goods! Scroll a little, and we know that you will find the stools that fit into the theme and style of your bar.

Chair Up designers know what a good sitting arrangement requires, and all the materials we use are top-notch, with the best finish that will add value to your eatery or bar. Look for the best option for you and order away!


Some of our best-seller wooden stools

• Ronnie Bar Stool

The Ronnie Barstool is a perfect mid-back high stool with a footrest bar and delicate legs. The seat is contoured to allow comfort while the finished color is rich. You can buy this stool with a cushioned seat, and the color options are attractive too.

The rubber covers on the legs make Ronnie noise-free, and this feature will take care of your flooring too! If you are setting up a new space, these stools can go with all colors of bar exterior and counter colors. The rich brown color makes the stool look polished whereas the frame is aluminum and therefore extremely light.

You can order these stools for delivery within three to five days.

• Michael Caned Bar Stool Europe

Well, hello, Europe! Here is a mid-century look from the taverns of Europe straight to your restaurant or bar. The low back with a woven cane appeals to the eyes and adds character to the place. Whether you have a bar in a restaurant or want to amp up the style of outdoor bars, the wooden finish stool has oblique legs and a small seat with a low back. Bar owners can select the color of this stool according to their décor. Our customers love the natural look, and their customers love the stool for its comfort.

Chair Up can ship these chairs within 21 days, so if you have set up a date for the big opening, order right away! 

• Jeremy Bar Stool 

A high chair of sorts, providing comfort and style! Chair Up focuses on all the products with only two things as a priority: The comfort and the ambiance when your customers walk into the bar! Jeremy Barstool is not just a mini chair, but it has the finish of a drawing-room sofa that is meant for special guests!

The beechwood frame and the grey seat and back, the velvet upholstery add to the regal look! Every bar goer needs a break from all the tough things in life. Why not give them an experience of sinking in, enjoying their drinks or food, and making it a point to visit again!

These stools require some time as we deliver clean and newly upholstered batches to our customers. You can select the color, and we will send over these majestic stools within two weeks maximum.


Frequently Asked Questions 

• Why Do Some Stools Have A Longer Shipping Time?

All of our stools are not the same. Some have upholstered seats and back, some have woven cane backs, and seats and others are plain. Chair Up sends fresh upholsteries and weaves so that the finish is new and looks extravagant.

Moreover, some stools are aluminum, while others are made of wood. The manufacturing time for each stool is different, and we give our customers a clear time frame so that they know what to expect!

• Are Wooden Stools More Expensive? 

All our products are reasonably priced, and the metal stools, fully upholstered or wooden furniture items are all priced according to the look, amount of material, and finish. Some of you may think that wooden items are more expensive, but that is not so. All the items on our website are low in cost when compared to some other furniture brands. 

• Are Wooden Stools Difficult To Clean?

A stool is a small chair with no back, four legs, and a seat. Some of these stools don’t even have four legs but a stand! The cleaning routine of all the stools available at Chair Up is easy because we know restaurant staff cannot clean every furniture item multiple times a day! All you need to do is ensure that you keep these stools clean, and they will last you a long time!