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    1. Ashley (dining) Cast-Iron
      Ashley (dining) Cast-Iron
      As low as $159.00
    2. Round Washington Base (Dining Height) Modern Table Base (Brass)
      Round Washington Base (Dining Height) Modern Table Base (Brass)
      As low as $175.00
    3. Heavy Duty Tulip Base (brass gold plated)  Dining height
      Heavy Duty Tulip Base (brass gold plated) Dining height
      As low as $359.00
    4. Margot Base (dining) Cast-Aluminum
      Margot Base (dining) Cast-Aluminum
      As low as $149.00
    5. Margot Base (bar) Cast-Aluminum
      Margot Base (bar) Cast-Aluminum
      As low as $255.95
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    Vintage Table Bases

    Have you ever imagined a perfect tea party or an outdoor tea service with the most exquisite white tables, comfortable chairs and the hard, and sturdy table stands that make this setting possible? If yes, you need to get the vintage table base now!

    These bases might not be the first glace for many of your customers, but these are the pillars on which you build the theme of the restaurant or café. So instead of ignoring these essentials, pay attention to improving the core!

    Chair Up table bases are sturdy, made from cast iron, and capable of handling various table tops. We do not only stress on style but ensure that a purchase goes a long way and give every client a reason to believe that comfort begins from the base!

    The designs in our Vintage Table Base catalogue are all inspired by the long-standing successful pieces that do not need any introduction! The more you go through each design, the more you would want to have them all!

    Apart from the sturdy material, the finished look is exquisite and will complement any kind of setting. Whether you want a rustic look or you are interested in creating a lively, and sophisticated service with a Victorian theme, these table bases support all of it.

    You can find the ideal table top to go with all of these items and the final look will be nothing short of a fantasy come true!

    Some of Our Top Sellers

    All of our products are popular and we receive orders for every design that exudes grace. However, this season there have been some pieces that became more famous. Check out what these products can offer your business space.

    Fiona Vintage Table Bases

    The Fiona Vintage is a perfect Victorian style base that has the scalloped design that adds grace and a Victorian look to every table. The sleek aluminum pillar is delicate and the design is very charming. These details add to any seating area.

    These bases go with all kinds of tops. You can add a square top or a circle one and the table will begin to look like a fancy summer tea party display!

    These bases are light and can be moved from one place to another. Similarly, the powder finish in easy to maintain and will not cause any tarnish or weather-related decomposition. The more you care for these bases by a simple wipe-off for dust, the more you will be able to enjoy them over years and even decades!

    Dessi 4-Leg Bar

    The four-legged beauty that makes your dining look like an amazing piece of art is made with cast iron and can give a good look to the whole restaurant. Cast iron bases are famous because they are strong, however, these bases also look good and will look good for a long, long time! The excellent quality of our material matches with the finish, and it makes everything look more sophisticated and classy than ever!

    The delicate design complements all kinds of settings, and this table base is not only a great piece for outdoors but is also an excellent choice for indoor dining areas. So, irrespective of the fact that you are looking for an outdoor or indoor table base, you’ll find it at Chair Up.

    You will love the sleek, black finish which does not rust or deteriorate over time. The only kind of cleaning that is needed will be a dry wipe that makes the table base look dust-free.

    Wooden Pine

    This table base is a solid and reliable piece that our customers love. This light wood and rich brown polish that makes these table bases more desirable. While these bases are economical, they will last a long time. These block wood pillars, and the supportive rests for the table top are successful in all kinds of settings!

    Business owners who want to give a formal look to their restaurants will loves these table bases because they don’t only look good, but they look good for years! These wood finish bases are polished and treated for weather resistance. No polishing sessions required, but these bases do not lose their shining charm!

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • Do I have to buy table tops with these bases?

    Every piece on this page is for individual sale. If you need table tops we have plenty of them too! However, when you click on any of the table bases to buy them, they are what we will be delivering!

    • How will I know which one is the best?

    Many of our clients go through our photos and they can even use the image on the website to create a picture of how they want their restaurant, café or bar to look! If you want, you can try one of these ways too. However, take a look at the description of each product. Some of them will be exactly the kind of material, design and finish that you want.

    • How many days will it take for my order to be shipped?

    Our Quick-Ship service ensures that the package is delivered within the time mentioned with each item. Some take more time to assemble so we have fixed the delivery time to more days. However, each item is going to be shipped within the period mentioned next to it in the description

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