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  1. Heavy Duty Tulip Base (brass gold plated) Dining height

    As low as $359.00

  2. Gemma Vintage Outdoor Flip Base (Dining Height) 3-leg - [base only ]


  3. Round Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Modern Table Base (Brass)

    As low as $219.00

  4. Bolt-down Base (dining) Chrome


  5. 23-Round Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  6. 18-Round Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  7. 24-Square Washington (bar/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  8. Chrome Base (dining) Chrome

    As low as $89.95

  9. C2323 (dining) Chrome


  10. Gemma Cast-Iron


  11. Ashley (dining) Cast-Iron

    As low as $159.00

  12. Juliet XL 22x22 (dining) Cast-Iron

    Special Price $155.00 Regular Price $165.95

  13. X-Base (dining) Cast-Iron

    As low as $75.00

  14. Lightweight Fiona Vintage Ornate table base - Outdoor Aluminum Table Base (dining height)


  15. Round Base (bar) Cast-Iron


  16. X-22 (dining) Cast-Iron


  17. Margot Base (bar) Cast-Aluminum

    As low as $255.95

  18. Round Base (dining) Cast-Iron

    As low as $96.00

  19. Round Washington Base (Dining Heigh) Indoor/Outdoor Table Base (black)

    As low as $159.95

  20. Margareth Standard Height Indoor/Outdoor 28" Black Square Table Base with Umbrella Hole


  21. 3-Leg Base Cast-Iron (dining height)

    As low as $114.95

  22. Flip Base (dining)

    As low as $139.00

  23. 3-Leg Base Cast-Iron (bar height)


  24. Flip base (dining/black) Black

    Special Price $139.00 Regular Price $145.95

  25. X-22 (bar) Cast-Iron


  26. 24-Dante (dining) Cast-Iron


  27. T-base (bar) Cast-Iron


  28. T-base (dining) Cast-Iron


  29. Chrome Bases (bar) Chrome


  30. Flat ADA Compliant T-base (dining) Cast-Iron


  31. Ashley T-base (dining) Cast-Iron


  32. Ashley T-base (bar) Cast-Iron


  33. Chrome-X22 Base (bar) Chrome


  34. Square Washington Base (dining) Black Steel

    As low as $207.95

  35. X-30 (dining) Cast-Iron


  36. 24-Square Washington (bar/black) Black-Steel


  37. 18-Square Washington (bar/black) Black-Steel


  38. 18-Square Washington (dining/black) Black-Steel


  39. 23-Round Washington (bar/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  40. 18-Round Washington (bar/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  41. Square Washington Base (bar) Stainless-Steel


  42. 24-Square Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  43. 18-Square Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


  44. Rectangle Washington (dining/black) Black-Steel


  45. Rectangle Washington (dining/chrome) Stainless-Steel


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Indoor Table Bases

The foundation of any structure will ensure long life or a quick fall! Chair Up does not leave table bases out when planning a sturdy setup for your business space. Tables are the center of each sitting and the table base will make it a strong one. We do not want you to focus on the top only! Yes, the base might not be visible but it has to match the sturdiness and strength of the table top to make your indoor setting a picture-perfect one!

The base is everything

Whether you are looking for indoor table bases, or want to fit some strong foundation for outdoor table settings, we offer the right pieces for you. On this page, you can find some of the most exquisite and durable bases for indoor table tops. All our table bases are made with cast iron or stainless steel, which makes it easy to move them, lift them, and yet they are grounded enough to handle a large meal spread over the table top! 

Durability is priority

If the stand is not grounded and strong, there is a chance that the table will topple. Chair Up tests each piece for functionality and durability so when you buy from us, the product you receive has been through a testing season to make sure that each component is assembled well. Our teams of experts fit in each part to make it inseparable, and that is how your indoor table bases will never let you down!

The best part is that each step of production adds to the strength of the final product! When you buy one of the table bases here, you enter a lifelong relationship with us, and this bond is as strong as our table bases! Standing against the burden you lay upon them, these bases will become the best purchase! 

Our Best Selling Table Bases

T-base (dining) cast-iron

The cast-iron base is strong and does not allow the table top to displace. The construction of this table base is sturdy, yet it is light. The four-spoke table base attaches to the top while the T-shaped legs keep the structure balanced. Economical, yet long-lasting table bases can be a blessing! Whenever you need a change, you can replace the table top and everything is new again! 

The T-base is available for shipping within five days and it will require a few days to attach to the top and then, all days become stylish as every service will become easy when the table can hold all of it! The dining height of this stand makes it an ideal fit for dining tables indoors. 

X-22 Dining Cast-iron

The X-22 can support a 22-inch diameter or side top and the feet are balanced due to the cross. The top cross supports the top and it is big enough to handle more weight than a bar table base. The feet of this stand is wide, yet will not hinder foot movement for your customers. The grip on the ground and the grip on the table top come from the strong cast-iron structure that ensures a good standing, while you plan a hearty meal for your guests! 

This dining table base is a famous piece as many of the caterers and business owners prefer them for good hold when there are a lot of items on the table top. The balancing factor of this table stand makes it a popular piece. The price is reasonable, as you get to use this stand over years and years!

Juliet XL 22x22 

Here is the beauty that creates a stir everywhere! The Juliet has a fancy base with arching cast iron legs and a fancy base at the center. The pillar is thick and strong, while the four table top adjustment spokes are hardly thin enough to be called spokes! The attachment of the top will require a few days but the fix will remain for years! 

You may think that the price is high, but always consider it to spread over the years! Once you place these table stands, the aura of the dining hall changes! The classic look adds a formal touch while doing its job of balancing the table tops well! You can fit a square top of 22-inch sides, or you can even go a little overboard and handle a round table top with a three-foot diameter. The design is exquisite and the functionality is even better.  

Round Washington base Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an excellent material as it is durable while being so lightweight. The price of all stainless steel bases may seem higher but again, look at the use and it will make sense. This base can go with all-around and square table tops. The hold is good and the look is even better!

Round Washington has a flat, round base, which allows customers to use foot space freely. The base will help keep the table in place. This table base is among the best-sellers due to its longevity and durability. The steel polish will not look old, neither will you require repolishes. The silver shine will become an identifying feature of your dining hall. The height of this base is according to dining tables for meal services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

• How does the base get attached to the table top?

Each table base can be screwed to the table top to keep it in place. Apart from the screws, you can use heavy-duty adhesive to keep the table top in place. Make sure that you give the table some still days to make the fix permanent!

• Can I fix a laminate on a cast-iron table base?

All the table bases available on Chair Up are competitive with the table tops on our website. Whether you like a resin top, a marble-finish piece, or a laminate-everything fits well! You will only have to ensure that the table top is not too large for a particular stand. Once the dimensions match, there are endless choices and combinations that you can select. 

• What is the best indoor table base?

Our customers are diverse and each of them selects from the vast array of table bases. When you decide to give your dining area a specific look, you will find a matching table base here. However, each piece is best and the user will never be inconvenienced so choose the one that appeals to you, and we guarantee that it will be the best one for you!