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    The booth category of our site is under construction. Pricing above is an estimate per foot. If you would like to inquire about custom booths please email us your measurements to We manufacture our booths in Brooklyn all made-to-order. We can do any style back you want.

    Restaurant Booths

    The Brooklyn-made booths from Chair Up leave a lot to your imagination! We take orders on all kinds of restaurant booths, but we have the right thing for you if you don’t have something special in mind! The restaurant booths must be comfortable so that customers can sit long enough to enjoy the food. We know that restaurants with uncomfortable seating are never our first choice, so we make it better for your business! The booths are easy to clean, and the color options add to the variety!

    Apart from excellent material and good looks, the comfort and long life of each item are guaranteed. We use only the best cushions, and our construction angle is just right for all customers who like a back that supports. A team of experts designs the booth you see on the pages, and the adaptation of design is from the vintage designs that have passed the test! 

    We can customize colors and arrangements and if you want us to bring in some installation tools, just say the word!


    Classic designs but more comfortable than before

     The retro booth look from the 80s and the diner booths that we grew up seeing have become a symbol of comfort, good food, and a great time with friends! Your customers will be returning, again and again, to enjoy the seating and add to your business.

    Since booths are a hardwood base with steel support and backs and the maintenance is low. Artisans tailor the leather covers and accessories, and you will not see any buttons or hems popping out! 

    Chair Up is with you in designing the right experience for your customers, and the restaurant booths are a perfect example of all that we have to offer.


    Colorful options to suit the theme.

    Chair Up booths are an excellent option for any kind of restaurant space as tall, short, and color combinations can fit right in. If you want a double back or only one-sided seating, we can customize all the designs for you. The color options are also a personal choice, and we understand if you want them changed. Reach out to us with your specifics, and we will arrange for the best combinations and contrasts!


    Popular Products

    Double V Back Design

    One of our best-sellers in the V-Back design comes in a double seat. The length of the back and the rich upholstery are easy to clean and maintain. The best part about this booth is that it has a broad seat and a regular couch-sized back. You can fit it in rows to allow customers a comfortable sofa seat while they enjoy their meal and company. 

    The base box is hardwood, and the internal support for this booth is metal, and it can stand in place for years on end, giving you more from each customer who sits here!


    Tufted Back Booth

    The tufted long-back booth is an excellent fit for comfort and style. The vibrant color options make it an excellent buy for all restaurants, café, and diner owners. The comfortable seat and the most effortless fitting will make this an ideal purchase for business owners who do not have time to spend on fittings and maintenance. Our expert designers keep comfort and style in mind for you, and the results are always beautiful, relaxing, and inviting restaurant booths! 



    • Are the booths customizable?

    Chair Up is working on numerous designs, and if you want us to look at one of yours, send them over! However, we do customize designs to adjust according to the area you have in mind! 

    • How many days does it take for shipping if I customize my order?

    The maximum time needed for shipping is around 90 days. Chair Up promises timely deliveries for all ready items, and for customized items, we follow the same practice. One month is all it takes for you to think of a design, order it, and for us to prepare it!

    • Will the booths are fixed?

    Chair Up restaurant booths can be fixed or placed on the ground. We like to give our customers the opportunity and flexibility to change the arrangement whenever they like. Our booths can be arranged in any way you like, and since they will not be fixed to the ground, you can move them around in any way you like. 

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