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Wood Chairs

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  1. Jessie Chair PSPB open back Mid century

    As low as $195.00

  2. Jessie Chair PSPB open back Mid century-Burgundy

    Special Price $195.00 Regular Price $299.95

  3. Lotto Black Stack School chair (natural)

    Special Price $89.00 Regular Price $149.00

  4. Kiro Brown Modern Side Chair With Metal Frame


  5. Montana Cool Waters Black Wood Commercial Arm Chair


  6. Oakland Modern Black Tailored Vinyl Tub Chair


  7. Lira Modern Espresso Dining Chair


  8. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Dining Chair - Walnut


  9. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Bar Stool - Walnut


  10. Lotto Black Stack School chair


  11. Madison Mid Century Modern Upholstered Parsons Dining Chair - Black Wood / Grey Vinyl

    Special Price $129.00 Regular Price $179.00

  12. Brianna Modern Fully Upholstered Chair - Black Wood


  13. Alpena Modern Upholstered Dining Chair - Black and Solid Wood

    As low as $249.00

  14. Hairpin Chair Cane Back

    As low as $249.00

  15. Hairpin Chair Cane Back (black)

    Special Price $249.00 Regular Price $285.00

  16. Hailey Cross Back Wood Chair - Dark Brown


  17. HYBRID Chair Cherry


  18. X Back Bistro Chair Walnut


  19. X Back Bistro Chair Black


  20. Frankfurt Chair

    As low as $166.95

  21. Hamburg Hardwood Oval Back Side Chair

    As low as $166.95

  22. Geneva Chair

    As low as $178.95

  23. Michael Caned Chair Europe Black


  24. Clegane PS5 Padded Back Chair SR

    As low as $282.95

  25. Michael Caned Chair Europe (natural)


  26. Tallin Modern Faux Leather Dining Chair

    As low as $199.00

  27. Toni Wishbone Wooden Stacking Chair

    As low as $184.95

  28. Frankfurt chair padded seat padded back

    As low as $239.95

  29. Hairpin Chair

    As low as $166.95

  30. Vienna Chair

    As low as $166.95

  31. Curly Q Chair

    As low as $166.95

  32. Orchard (Eu) Chair

    As low as $145.00

  33. Wooden High-Chair (baby chair)


  34. Library Chair SR

    As low as $164.95

  35. Modern Industrial School Chair Walnut steel frame


  36. Hairpin PSPB Chair Black


  37. Fanback Chair

    As low as $189.95

  38. Coco Bamboo Wooden Folding Chair

    Special Price $59.00 Regular Price $69.95

  39. Jeremy Chair PSPB Velvet Brown


  40. Jessie Chair PSPB grey velvet


  41. Jeremy Chair PSPB


  42. Fanback Arm Chair Walnut


  43. CrestonPadded BackNH Chair

    As low as $257.95

  44. Park Ave Chair SR

    As low as $168.95

  45. Cecilia Classic Round-Back Dining Chair with upholstered seat - Burgundy


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Items 1-45 of 128

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Wood Restaurant Chairs

Some restaurants and cafes require nothing but the classic and vintage look, that can only come with the traditional designs and wooden chairs. Not just commercial set-ups, but even picnic spots or patio breakfasts call for a light wood décor!

Chair Up imagines the needs of customers and designs various wooden chairs to suit the theme and style of your business space. Some of our chairs are the repeats of vintage designs that had made a mark and take people back to the times when they used the same chairs on special occasions!

The wood classes that we use are light, easy to maintain, and elegant in the finish. The trendy look is never complete without these wooden chairs!

From Beechwood structure to rich polishing, our craftsmen have redone designs that were the look of the past years! Not only wood, but we have some models that have a wood seat and back, but the frame is aluminum. You can indeed select the right one from our vast collection of wood & bentwood chairs.


Our Most Popular Wood Restaurant Chairs

• Jeremy Chair PSPB Velvet Brown

If you want your customers to be comfortable so they can order away and enjoy their meal, here is the perfect lounger! Our Jeremy Chair gives accessible seating without taking too much space. 

Another advantage of this chair is that it can move without a hard push, thanks to the lightweight Beachwood construction! Your customers will come again and ask for the same table! We assure you it will be the chair they meant to ask for!  

• Benson Wooden Industrial Metal Chair

The steel outdoor chair looks great and offers the comfort all restaurant customers need. Do you have an outdoor café by the beach? Or are you a roadside café owner? 

Wherever you are, the Benson Wooden will add the element of sophistication to your space without creating a heavier look! The lightweight aluminum construction goes a long way and so does the Benson design! Order now and receive the chairs within six days!

• Gasser Premium Banquet Stack Chair

The Gasser’s protective edge feature and patented flex-back technology will ensure an excellent time for your guests. These chairs will add to the ambiance for all the banquet dinners and parties, and you will gather compliments! 

The rich wood look with ornate aluminum legs and the high-molded seat look great and offer comfort. The minimum order for these chairs is thirty, and you will receive them within a week! You can check out upholstery furniture options.  

• Michael Caned Chair Europe

The Beechwood chair with an oak finish frame made of aluminum is an excellent choice if you plan to offer a French café look. The light color and material of this restaurant chair make it low-maintenance, and this will make your customers Chair Up!

The delicate frame and the cane back are not only comfortable but will stand out as a classy selection! You can pair this chair with any of the restaurant table tops, and it will look like a party!


Frequently asked Questions

• Is There A Minimum Number For Orders?

Chair Up does not limit its customers by setting limits. You want a particular number of chairs. We will provide it! 

However, we always suggest customers consider shipping and order accordingly. We know our restaurant furniture collection is comfortable enough for you to come back for more, so why not get them all together! 

• Will Chair Up Deliver To Our Doorstep?

Chair Up becomes a part of the client’s business as soon as they order! We offer the convenience of direct shipping, and it adds to our commitment, we think. We deliver your orders to the address you give!

• Will I Need To Polish The Chairs Regularly?

The wooden chairs from Chair Up are designed mainly for public spaces like restaurants, banquet halls, and waiting areas or offices. 

We know that it is hard to polish these chairs, and that is why we finish them with the best polish that goes a long way! You can clean the chairs with cloth, and an occasional polish will keep them new for a long time. 

• Do I Get Discounts On Bulk Orders?

The prices of wooden chairs on our website are already discounted, and we are sure that once you order, you will realize that you got a good deal! However, we aim to provide convenience to our customers and so in future we may be launching special deals and discounts.