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  1. Bryant park Folding metal chair -steel frame

    As low as $83.00

  2. Sled Folding Chestnut Wood Outdoor Dining Chair - Heavy Duty

    As low as $155.00

  3. Midas Folding Chestnut Wood Outdoor Dining Chair - Heavy Duty

    As low as $155.00

  4. Midas Folding Chestnut Wood Outdoor Dining Chair - Heavy Duty Blue


  5. Midas Folding Chestnut Wood Outdoor Dining Chair - Heavy Duty Green


  6. Steel outdoor restaurant patio folding chair

    As low as $75.00

  7. Steel outdoor restaurant patio folding chair - Yellow


  8. Helsinki Resin Stackable Arm Chair


  9. Helsinki Resin Stackable Side Chair


  10. Roma Rattan Bamboo Frame Outdoor Arm Chair


  11. Lightweight Aluminum Slatted Stacking Chair (black)

    Special Price $55.00 Regular Price $65.00

  12. Modern Metal ice cream Brutalist chair

    As low as $139.00

  13. Triumph arc Steel Folding Chair

    As low as $95.00

  14. Triumph arc Steel Folding Chair Green


  15. Triumph arc Steel Folding Chair Red


  16. Modern Orenlo Arpenz Stocking Chair

    As low as $125.00

  17. Modern Zopper Moveza Chair

    As low as $144.00

  18. Modern Zopper Moveza Chair - Mint Green


  19. Plasteak ST Arm Chair

    As low as $161.95

  20. Plasteak ST Teak SC Chair

    As low as $154.95

  21. Atom Aluminum Chair Stacking indoor/outdoor Black Frame with Rope Seat-Tan


  22. Atom Aluminum Chair Stacking indoor/outdoor Black Frame with Rope Seat

    As low as $171.95

  23. Dutch Cross-Back Aluminum Stacking indoor/outdoor Dining Chair

    As low as $162.00

  24. Livomo Nordik Resin Lined Modern Arm Chair

    As low as $75.95

  25. Conde Resin Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair

    As low as $89.00

  26. Gerald chair

    As low as $149.95

  27. Gerald chair-Green


  28. Shield Chair - Grey


  29. Coostee Resin Powder Coted Outdoor Chair

    As low as $68.00

  30. Slug Resin Wicker Look Outdoor Chair

    As low as $78.00

  31. French Bistro Leo Metal Aluminum Chair - Light Walnut


  32. French Bistro Leo Metal Aluminum Chair - Blue


  33. French Bistro Leo Metal Aluminum Chair - Burgundy


  34. Aluminum Bistro Chair


  35. Isimar Bolonia Side Chair Wired Mesh Steel Outdoor Chair - CLEARANCE

    As low as $365.95

  36. Bolonia Side Chair Wired Mesh Steel Outdoor Chair-Off-white Isimar


  37. Bistro Metal Aluminum Chair

    As low as $165.00

  38. Bistro Metal Chair Green


  39. Bistro Metal Chair Brown


  40. Bistro Metal Chair Burgundy


  41. Bistro Aluminum Bamboo Chair Blue


  42. Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair

    As low as $89.00

  43. Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair-Green


  44. Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair-Red


  45. Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair-Black

    Special Price $89.00 Regular Price $99.00

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Items 1-45 of 149

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Outdoor Restaurant Chairs

Chair Up understands customers' needs, and that is why our website is a kaleidoscope of designs and colors that exude sophistication, comfort, and style. Every design concept is new, while one factor binds all the chairs together in unity: ease! 

Whether you want to set up a casual outdoor cafe or there is an outdoor event that should match the formal setting of your dining halls, we have chairs to match every setup.  

Durable and sturdy 

Chair Up outdoor restaurant furniture especially chairs are designed to withstand the harshness of the weather, and no matter how the wind howls, these seaters will always look new and polished. 

The color-treated chairs are tampered with and treated appropriately to shine like new even when the sun is hot and overhead. Some chairs are stackable so that you can store them indoors when there is no service.

The Right Finish

All the chairs from our outdoor chairs range are tampered with to remain rust-free and shiny for years! The finishing of each piece is exquisite, and we care about our customers as the chairs have protected limbs so that the flooring or grass does not get scratched. You will find every chair to be comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting. 

Material of the Chairs

The material for our outdoor chairs collection includes hardwood, steel, and aluminum. The crafting of all materials into beautiful designs makes Chair Up an obvious choice for all restaurant and café owners who want to make a statement with the right restaurant furniture.

All patio setups and outdoor settings will look like a piece of art when you select from our collection of exquisite pieces. The lightweight mesh chairs and the resin chairs are mainly designed to make your restaurants look decorated. Whichever theme you follow, there is a piece that will set in well.  

Ordering and Delivery

The Quick-ship policy of Chair Up makes our customers satisfied as we ship out all orders after careful packing. The shipping time for each piece is mentioned on the website, and we ensure that you get the package at the right place before the expected time.

Our dedication to our customers makes it possible for us to improve our service. The careful packing is done to confirm that you receive your order without any shipping accidents, scratch-less and fresh, so you can set them up and begin service.  

Some of Our Best-sellers

Here are a few pieces that have become our best-sellers over time. These, along with all other designs, can become a part of your business space and will add to the ambiance.

DiamondBack Bistro Chair

The aluminum construction of this chair makes it light, and the wide seat and curved back add to the comfort factor! The fortified aluminum limbs ensure that there are no uneven swings. Each chair is hand-crafted in the end and treated with the suitable material to keep them rust-free and shiny. Moreover, the polish on the aluminum parts does not require high maintenance. 

The weather-resistant chair comes with a bamboo wood seat with tightly-woven resin for design and added comfort. The frame is from single-piece aluminum, while the light material allows movement of the chair from outdoors t indoors whenever you want!

The DiamondBack is meant for the outdoors, but you can always use them indoors to add to the lively dining space. The curved back will ensure that your guests will enjoy their time and feel relaxed even after hours! 

The maximum shipping time for this chair is five days, but you might receive it within three days if you are not located far. Our shipping will get your consignment to you within the promised time, in mint condition, so that you can start setting up your business space.  

Madrid Resin Lined Modern Chair

Chair Up does not believe in restricting designs, and this modern chair is proof of our evolving designs. The lined back and seat contour with the body to provide comfort so your guests will enjoy the service and company while feeling comfortable in this chair.

The hard resin material of this chair is durable and treated to stand firm against the climate and outdoor harshness. Moreover, these chairs' stacking, moving, and repeated use will not wear down the paint and color. 

Madrid Resin is available in various colors: black, red, blue, and green. You can select the color according to your space, and all of them will look fantastic! The frame of this chair is wide, which makes it a comfortable seat. 

This chair can be delivered to you within five days, so you can begin service by the end of the week if you order today! Chair Up ensures quick shipping and safe packaging to prevent any damage. 

The Madrid Resin chair is suitable for patio cafés, sidewalk eateries, and garden settings. Moreover, these chairs make a perfect fit at beach bars and cafes too! No matter what you have in mind, the Madrid Resin will fit in like the missing puzzle piece and add to your venue!


Frequently Asked Questions

• Are all outdoor chairs on the website weather-resistant?

Yes, every outdoor chair in the collection is weather-resistant and color-treated to keep the look fresh. Moreover, these chairs are rust-free and light because the manufacturer understands the need to move outdoor chairs and create new settings.  

• What kind of cleaning do outdoor chairs require?

Chair Up outdoor chairs does not need daily cleaning routines or polishing. A damp cloth for wiping is more than enough and does not require a lot of time. Your chairs will look clean and new every time. 

• Will I have to order a specific number of chairs?

Some of the outdoor chairs by Chair Up are manufactured or assembled upon ordering, and we recommend a minimum ordering amount. However, many designs on the website do not ask for a minimum quantity. You can order these chairs in any number, and we will ship them to you within the delivery period mentioned.