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  1. Madrid Resin Outdoor Striped Bar Stool

    As low as $148.00

  2. Plasteak Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stool with Arms

    As low as $239.00

  3. Plasteak Aluminum Outdoor Bar Stool

    As low as $218.00

  4. Nora Bamboo-look with textilene Aluminum Frame Bar Stool - Light Oak


  5. Dutch Cross-Back Aluminum Stacking indoor/outdoor Bar Stool - Grey


  6. French Bistro Blue Madison Synthetic outdoor Bar Stool with Aluminum Bamboo frame - Blue White


  7. Isimar Bolonia Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool

    As low as $259.00

  8. Bolonia Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Black-Steel

  9. Bolonia Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Off-white


  10. Bolonia Wired Mesh Steel Modern Outdoor Bar Stool -Black


  11. Sentinel Backless Powder coated Industrial Steel Bar stool - Outdoor

    As low as $78.00

  12. Atom Aluminum Bar Stool Stacking indoor/outdoor Black Frame with Rope Seat

    As low as $233.95

  13. Rope Low back Bar stool

    As low as $310.95

  14. Gilbert Bar Stool

    As low as $179.95

  15. Helga bar stool

    As low as $190.95

  16. Gerald Bar stool

    As low as $194.95

  17. Momma Bar Stool-Yellow


  18. Navy Backless (bar height) Aluminum


  19. French Bistro Bar stool Aluminum Bamboo frame

    As low as $231.95

  20. Bistro Bar stool Black|White


  21. Erickson Wicker Round Back Stacking Bar stool Brown


  22. Marshall Wicker Backless Bar stool Brown


  23. Marshall Wicker Back Bar stool Brown


  24. Flora Bar stool Aluminum


  25. Bistro Arm Bar stool Brown


  26. Navy Aluminum Backless Bar stool


  27. Navy Aluminum Bar stool


  28. Thanos backless Bar Stool

    As low as $215.95

  29. Thanos backless Bar Stool Copper


  30. Star arm Bar Stool

    As low as $313.95

  31. Sid backless Bar Stool

    As low as $255.95

  32. Sid Bar Stool

    As low as $305.95

  33. Rhonda Bar Stool

    As low as $340.95

  34. Maya Bar Stool

    As low as $460.95

  35. Momma Bar Stool

    As low as $308.95

  36. Shield Bar Stool - Grey


  37. Apes Bar Stool

    As low as $305.95

  38. Abbi Bar Stool

    As low as $285.95

  39. Rope Bar stool

    As low as $327.95

  40. Navy Backless (dining height) Aluminum


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40 Items

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Commercial Outdoor Bar Stools

Chair Up has a perfect setting for you! Whether you are looking for lawn seating or you have a beach café to adorn-our choices are your choices!

The easy-to-maintain and straightforward designs go a long way, and that is why we say our customers rarely return for the same products because they never wear out!

If you are looking for outdoor stools, here are numerous options that can help you make your business a success!

Long-lasting style and comfort

Chair Up boasts quality because of many things. The powder finish in all our outdoor stools adds to the durability of each restaurant furniture item and we take pride in the fact that our customers never feel the need to replace these stools. When renovating, you might think of changing the outdoor stools, but these stools will never give you a reason! 

For Renovations plans also, our wide range of seats and stools offer ample choices for all! 

Our customers can enjoy setting up their business spaces, restaurants, and cafes with themes from Venetian times to the modern era!

Chair Up designs range over centuries, and we have revisited the classic designs that have become popular over decades. Take a look at the numerous acrylic and metal stools options that are built with the outdoors in mind. 

Now the harshness of the weather and the light from the sun cannot spoil the look of your space! 

A perfect stool for everyone!

Whether you like the stackable stools or filler seats to offer space for everyone, Chair Up has a design that goes with back, without backs, with foot bars, or without them! Whichever style you desire is already on our website! Go through the pages of our outdoor stools, and you will not go without shopping!

The cutting edge

Do you know what makes Chair Up the best option for all business owners? They can micro-manage the space design without making field trips to manufacturers. You click and order away while our team stack, pack, and deliver to the given address!

We have a list of interior designers who are our regular customers, and they have so far designed numerous spaces in collaboration with our company. Now styling your business space can be according to your desire while you stay in place and order online.

Some of our Best Sellers

Gilbert Bar Stool

The Gilbert is a bright and vibrant addition to any setting. Whether you have an evening guest or a breakfast service, the chirpy and colorful finish is an exquisite sight! We offer many colors in this stool variety, and the fiberglass resin is tampered with to sustain all kinds of weather conditions. The stackable design with a low back will look extraordinary with fiberglass and wood table tops. These stools are made in Italy, and the UV-treated finish will make them a long-lasting part of your business space, restaurant, or café.

The Gilbert Bar Stool colors are designed to remain the same, and they will never fade. However, the finish of this stool will last a lifetime if you care for them. The easy-to-maintain stools will reach you within two weeks if you order today!

Flora Bar Stool Aluminum

This lightweight aluminum restaurant bar stool is an excellent choice for your outdoor settings. We offer this stool for cafes, waiting for lounges, restaurants, and bars, and all the feedback is worth sharing! The easy-to-maintain property of this stool adds to the comfort for bar owners as their customers enjoy the low-back stool and spend quality time at the bar!

The comfortable contoured seat and the armrests add to the look and the comfort. Now your outdoor space will look clean and new, without spending hours cleaning.

Bistro Backless Bar Stool

The pin-up art look of this stool makes it a vintage beauty! Our Bistro stools are painted with a cane finish to make them look like a wooden bar stool piece! The aluminum build of this stool makes it light, while the seat size is comfortable. You can pair this stool with a high counter or a table, and your customers will love to stay a little longer.

We deliver these stools within a short period of five days, so order today to enjoy a new look by the end of the week!


Frequently Asked Questions:

• Will the aluminum stools cost me less?

The prices of all the outdoor stools at Chair Up are reasonable, so you will not have to worry about the cost! We ensure that all-aluminum stools are durable and last years, over years! The painted varieties are finished with a special coating to keep them looking new, so you will be getting more than what you pay as these stools last a long, long time!

• Will I have to order a minimum amount of stools?

There is no minimum amount! We deliver the number of stools that you desire. However, it would be reasonable if you order numerous items together because the shipping charges will be added to every order separately!

• Does Chair Up make outdoor stools on an order-basis?

Chair Up is proud of the wide range of outdoor stools and other furniture choices. We are sure that you will find the desired design among our collections. In case you are looking for something special, reach out to us at our email address. 

• How can I know if the outdoor stool will look good?

Chair Up offers a wide variety of outdoor stools, and you can try out the various designs by ordering a smaller quantity first. However, all our customers have consistently given positive feedback because our designs suit every space!