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  1. Monarch Fully Upholstered Nailhead Trim Bar Stool - Walnut


  2. Luigi Low-back Stool


  3. Round Back King Louis Fully Upholstered Traditional BAR Stool


  4. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Quick ship

    As low as $249.00

  5. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Burgundy


  6. Lucine Fully Upholstered Faux-Leather Bar Stool - Grey


  7. Pearson Sola Nailhead Trim Wood Backless Bar Stool

    As low as $205.00

  8. Coxian Wood Look Metal Fully Upholstered Bar Stool


  9. Attum Chorme Retro Styled Barstool


  10. Modern Spoon Bar stool with gold legs-Blue


  11. Modern Spoon Bar stool with gold legs

    As low as $299.95

  12. Jeremy Bar Stool PSPB (grey)


  13. Metal Heston PSPB Bar stool Mahogany


  14. Ronnie Bar stool Padded-Back


  15. Geoff PS Padded Back Bar stool

    As low as $190.00

  16. Metal Ladderback PS Padded Back Bar stool

    As low as $217.95

  17. Colonial PBNH Bar stool SR

    As low as $289.95

  18. Nappa PS Padded Back Bar stool SR

    As low as $310.95

  19. Clegane PS2 Padded Back Bar stool

    As low as $293.95

  20. Dublin PS Padded Back Bar stool

    As low as $313.95

  21. Park ave Padded front NH Bar stool SR

    As low as $318.95

  22. CrestonPadded Back NH Bar stool SR

    As low as $261.95

  23. PrestonPadded BackNH Bar stool SR

    As low as $294.95

  24. Padded Front Vertical NH Bar stool SR

    As low as $268.95

  25. Chevy PSPB Bar stool SR

    As low as $249.95

  26. Library Swivel Padded Front Bar stool SR

    As low as $337.95

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26 Items

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Upholstered Bar Stools for Restaurant

Upholstered stools are the best way to upgrade the look of any restaurant, cafe, or bar! Whenever people plan to go out, they think of the sitting arrangements in different places and if your business space had comfortable arrangements, they will remember it. 

Chair Up understands the need for better sitting and making your eatery look like an up-scaled, and high-end place! The many options of upholstered stools are a perfect fit for all the themes that you would like for your space.

The material used for all the stools are sturdy, long-lasting, and a beautiful sight. Whether you choose leather finished stools, or our range of fabric upholstery appeals to you- the choices are endless! 

When you scroll through the various stool designs, you will find many options that will look appealing according to your preferences. Our color choices enhance the look of your business venues, waiting for areas or eateries and every time your customers will look forward to sitting down for a great time. 

Style Or Convenience?

Why do you have to choose between the two? Chair Up upholstered bar stools are a perfect fit for the formal bar settings or the casual look that fits your style. You can select an array of colors, finish, and fabric to make your restaurant, bar, or café look elated and expensive! The comfort of sitting in these stools is as praiseworthy as the comfort of ordering!

We understand that furniture selection must not take months. If you select a stool option today, we will be shipping it to you within a month at the maximum, and your restaurant or bar will be all set within the day of arrival! 

You think it and we have it

We tell all our customers that our range is meant for them to enjoy seeing and ordering. The upholstered bar stools are a treat to go through and the better part is that you can click away any of the designs and book them for your business space. Our variety of stools is not meant for just a specific setting. The stools have adorned many offices, clinics, and even formal waiting areas! 

The various types of upholsteries will keep you looking for more glamour to add to your restaurants, cafes, and bars. After all, it may be a challenge to keep up with the beauty of these stools!

Some of the Best Choices

Chevy PSPB Bar Stool SR

The wood finish on these stools is not the only reason they are so popular! The comfortable foam cushion and the low back can be comforting for hours. Our customers love these upholstered stools and we know your customers will love them too!

The best feature of the Chevy is comfort and the beauty is an added benefit! The footrest is covered with a shield to keep the stool looking new. The leather upholstery colors can change according to the theme of the bar. These stools can fit into any space and the mood will be new every time you see it.

Clegane PS2 Padded Bar Stool

The Contoured back and padded seat are all anyone would love to sit in to enjoy a drink and relax! Our Clegane is a hot seller and we have shipped so many of these because of the exquisite look and the comfortable feel. You can select the upholstery colors and make these stools fit in a little more!

The lightweight Beechwood stools will be shipped within 49 days at a maximum, but the wait is worth the look!

Colonial PBNH Bar Stool

These colonial beauties are a perfect fit for the pubs, bars, and all kinds of formal settings where you need to keep the period alive! Despite more focus on the look, the comfort and maintenance of this stool is so good that our customers contemplate changing themes of their businesses spaces only to make these stools a part of them! 

The light wood finish and the easy polish will make cleaning a minute’s work for you and the look will remain the same for years-exquisite! You can receive these stools within thirty days at maximum, and then the biggest change in your business place will happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are upholstered stools for the outdoors?

The materials used for upholstered stools are beechwood, satin, suede, and leather. While these fabrics and wood stools are not the most suited for the outdoors, our finishing polish and smooth material can withstand the harshness of the outdoors. If you can move these stools indoors 

• Are upholstered stools only made of wood?

Chair Up has an option for everyone and to prove our commitment, we have several stool options in aluminum finish. The lightweight and easy maintenance stools are available with and without upholstery. Our customers can look through all the restaurant bar stool designs and we know that what they need is all there!

• Will the shipping cost me a lot?

Chair Up is not only about the designs and comfort of seats! We ensure that your order runs smoothly and you get it shipped in a short period. Our shipping service is nominal and there is no extra charge! You will not find a more economical fix for your furniture needs! Upholstered stools take up to 49 days at a maximum to deliver, and the charges will be according to the distance and weight of the shipment. Nothing extra, and nothing exorbitant!