Bistro Metal Chair Burgundy

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Width 18"
Height 35"
Depth 21¾"
Weight 8lbs

Rooftops, formal picnics, beach cafes, and restaurants; these burgundy chairs have adorned so many beautiful places that now it has become a signature design for comfort and style. The cane furniture look will add to any retro or summer resort theme while providing the seat that your guests will feel comfortable in, and it will make you happy too!  

The Aluminum Build

The aluminum construction of this burgundy chair is lightweight and ensures that your flooring, carpet, or grass does not get spoiled. The rubber protectors on the feet and the excellent balance of the legs will never cause unbalance. 

How Do I Clean?

The maintenance routine for the Metal Burgundy chair will also be simple as it requires damp cloth dusting only. Once you have the cleaning schedule out of the way, these chairs are meant to look pretty and add to the theme of your eatery, or sitting space! 

Finishing And Style

The paint finish is exquisite and lasts years if you maintain the dark colors by moving the chairs indoors when not needed. The aluminum chair can be stacked too! The powder finish is weather resistant, but the gloss is so shiny that it looks like you arranged the chairs.

The upholstery and dense foam cushion can withstand wear and will stay in shape for years. You can select the various colors besides Burgundy and bring out the charm in any sitting area.

Chair Up Edge

The Chair Up edge is extra comfort and the exquisite style. The Bistro Metal Burgundy Chair may look simple, but imagine it in a garden where round tables are set in a fancy way, to welcome guests who are seeking some comfortable seating to enjoy their time away from daily routines.

We know that you will love this chair for your eatery as there are thousands of customers who keep ordering this design for expansion of their business spaces. 

Order Today! 

Order these chairs today, and our fast shipping will ensure a safe and quick delivery within five days. The minimum number of days for shipping is three. Now you can design the rest of your restaurant and relax because as soon as these chairs arrive, you can start service. 


  • Max Days 5
    Min Days 3
    Materials Aluminum| Rattan
    Quick-ship quickship
    Tabletopcolors Aluminum-Oak
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