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Bambi 24X24 Steel outdoor table

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24x24 Table

The square mesh 24x24 table that can hold all the items without even a slight bend is the newest talk of the town! If customers have not used it, they have seen it at various street cafes, Outdoor eateries and even breakfast bistros! The greatest way to enjoy this table is with a view overlooking the busy streets or a garden scape that will be as soothing as this light table to rest your arms on!

The table is available in five color choices. You can select antique iron, stainless steel, black, antique bronze or cement color without any difference in finish and durability. 

Lightweight material

The steel mesh top table has a strong build and is easy to maintain due to the weather finish. The anti-rust and wither paint will keep this table looking new after years! The protective tempering of the table frame and the limbs will ensure that the paint looks new while the protected limb feet will keep the table from losing balance. 

These two-feet square tables can be a perfect sitting space for two customers ordering full meals! Restaurant owners cannot find a better compact and pleasant table for outdoor settings.  

Shipping Service

Bambi 24x24 can be shipped to customers on the same day of the order depending on the inventory. Chair Up understands that restaurant owners might require quick deliveries if they have to set up for an opening soon. 

We ship the tables with packaging to ensure a scratch-free and secure delivery! You can recieve the tables with ten working days. If you are near, and the order is fulfilled by the current inventory, the minimum delivery time is three days only!

  • Max Days10
    Min Days3
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