When the weather gets warm, the flowers around the houses and adjacent landscapes begin to grow, and the next thing we know is, the pollen in the air increases. While this healthy cycle of nature is beautiful in many ways, it can be a menace for some non-living individuals, such as patio furniture and outdoor seating areas.

While people can suffer from allergies, the issue in all settings is that this floating pollen will be set on your patio furniture, embedded in the fabric, and wicker. Even if you have iron or steel furniture, this little yellow powder-like substance can cause some damage in color.

Get to know all that you can do to keep your patio furniture free from this substance, and ensure that every time you go out to enjoy the sun or a windy afternoon, the furniture greets you with a fresh look. Here is all the information you need to make your outdoor furniture look amazing.

When does the pollen season begin?

The pollen season starts in February and stays till the end of May. Of course, this season varies with your location, and the amount of pollen is also different. The wildflowers in Georgia and Florida are richer in pollen than the dry and scanty greens in Kentucky or Iowa!

The harmless yellow pollen can cover the furniture during this season; if you do not act on time, it might become too much to clean. Eventually, it becomes a permanent part of the fabric weave or stains the steel or iron furniture.

The structure of pollen is to stick to the surface it lands upon, especially upholstered chairs. This is the rule of nature, and pollen's purpose is to get attached within an instant. We cannot change nature, but there are surely ways to prevent serious pollen damage to outdoor furniture and other decorations.

Tips for cleaning pollen from outdoor furniture

If you walk outside and see yellow snow on your furniture, do not worry! If you act in time, this powder-like substance can be removed, and your furniture will become new again. Follow the steps below to get rid of the yellow pollen from your outdoor scenery!

• Remove the cushion and backrest filling, and keep shaking the fabric to get off any of the loose pollen.

• Keep all fabric parts of the furniture loose and shake them to get pollen off the surface.

• Use a soft-bristle brush to remove the stuck pollen.

• After brushing, vacuum the fabric and the wooden, steel, or wicker part of the furniture to keep it clean.

• Use a water hose or place the cushion and seat covers under a tap to remove the pollen remains with water pressure.

• Apply fabric cleaner to target the stubborn pollen that has already penetrated the weave.

• Use a soft brush again to wash it out.

• Repeat the cleaning if you see any bright yellow dots on the fabric.

• Dry the fabric indoors or in a direction that the wind doesn't blow towards the fabric to bring in more pollen to settle on the wet fabric!

If you have PVC or fiberglass furniture, it might get stained with pollen, which also calls for quick action. You can use the garden hose to water down the furniture and use a mix of vinegar and water to spray the furniture after watering.

Let the mixture sit on the furniture for some time, and then clean the surface with a microfiber cloth. You can repeat this process until the furniture becomes pollen free.

How to keep furniture pollen free?

You can ensure that your furniture remains free from pollen if you follow the steps mentioned here. First of all, homeowners can cover their furniture when they are not outside. This keeps the seating area free from many troubles.

However, if you are one of those who want to see the patio set at all times, you can install a screen or a curtain on the outer end of the patio to prevent pollen-laden wind from blowing in the direction of the furniture.

Another effective way to keep pollen off the furniture is to plant a lot of trees or bushes to obstruct the wind from blowing toward the furniture. Moreover, these trees act like pollen filters! Even if you do get a light breeze on the patio, it will be free from pollen!


Patio furniture needs low maintenance, but there are some perils like pollen that may need quick action. We have shared a few ways of preventing pollen and removing it from the furniture. You can try any of these and enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting all the time!

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