Everyone who uses patio furniture covers thinks they have finally gotten the best protection for the décor that makes their outdoors lively. However, these covers also need care, and if you cannot protect the furniture, or even the covers-it can ruin more than one day!

During the rainy season, most homeowners have one worry: the water accumulates on top of the covers. We will discuss how to keep water from pooling on patio furniture covers, and you can follow the valuable tips.

If you feel that the outdoor furniture needs protection and the covers are at risk of leaking or even breaking open due to water pooling, there should be some action. You cannot let the covers go to waste, especially if they are a risk to your furniture.

Why should you avoid water on covers?

Many of you might even ask why protecting the covers from water pools is necessary. The answer is that the covers need to be dry, lightweight and clean to keep the furniture clean. If there is water on top of the covers, it has weight! This weight makes the seams of the covers get damaged and that might even end in the flooding of water right onto your favorite sofa!

The covers were put in place to keep the furniture clean, and if there is excessive water weight on the cover, it can also cause staining! We all have seen those bright blue plastic covers, but did you know that if they are left damp on the floor and removed after days, a big blue stain is visible on the floor? Why would you want to risk your patio furniture this way?

The water pooling on the furniture covers can weaken the seams. Then your sofa becomes vulnerable to dust, water, staining and even the risk of weighing down the furniture unnecessarily due to the pool on top! Always try to keep the water off the covers, but how can you do that? Let’s discuss this further!

How can you prevent water from pooling on covers?

The best way to keep your patio furniture covers safe from pooling up is to make sure that you follow some of the tips below. While all of them might not apply to your covers and furniture, most of them will sound like the best ideas to keep your furniture safe and the covers too!

• Use fitted covers:

When the covers are taut and fit the furniture well, the chances of pooling water reduce significantly. You will not have to worry about the extra gathers on the seat areas or excess material ready to cave in when water accumulates on top!

The diagonally fitted covers are a great choice because they fit the sofa without touching the seat areas. The seat bucket remains covered by a sloping cover straight from the top, so the water slides down without gathering on top.

• Using buckets:

You can place buckets on top of seats and then place the covers so that the water-filled covers do not rest on the sofa cushions or do not leak on top of your wooden or steel furniture. While some of you may refute that placing buckets would only weigh down the furniture more, it wil still help with the damp stains and water damage to your furniture.

• Use a stand:

This tip is our favorite because it keeps your furniture free from any contact with the covers. Moreover, if you stretch the cover out properly, the flat top will not pool up with water. You can place two stands on both sides of the patio furniture and drape the covers over them. This way the furniture will be covered, and the water on top will be lesser too!

You can make this more effective by using one short stand so that the covers slope as they run from one end to the other! You will always step out to see clean covers and no water pooling on top or seeping in from the covers to damage the patio furniture.

• Self-cleaning covers:

Some manufacturers have started making furniture covers that will allow users to keep their sofas and patio furniture looking the same! These covers are shaped so that the water slides off, and the furniture underneath stays safe.

Making the right choice

When you head out to buy covers, ensure that you select the options that not only keep the furniture safe but are also the right size for your furniture. Getting too big or too small is a common issue, and would you believe if we told you that bigger covers are more hazardous than smaller ones?

The material of the covers also matters greatly. If you are using PVC or tarpaulin, thinking it would keep the furniture dry completely, you might be in for a surprise. These materials can leak if water wells on top, making the drops on furniture come down with a shade of the tarpaulin or PVC you use. The colors of these materials are not fast and may stain your furniture forever.

Another factor to consider when buying patio furniture covers is calculating the pricing and risk of using a watershed. Isn’t it better to use a shed-like cover to tie above the patio to keep your furniture shaded and not get damaged by the weather? If you still want to keep covers, go for an appropriate size and a fitting that will keep the surface of the covers taut so that water does not well on top.

Last Words

Caring for your patio furniture is essential, but if not done right, it can also become a problem. Learn how to keep your patio furniture safe from water stains or leakage by selecting the right covers and knowing how to avoid water pooling on top of covers. Once you get these small tips correctly, your patio furniture will be safe from harm.

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