Help Save Restaurants!

It only takes 5 min to sign these petitions and help save your favorite small businesses! 

Heroes /Restaurants Act 2020 - Click the link to send a pre-written letter to your local reps

  • -Right now congress is considering the Restaurant act, a bipartisan proposal that could give restaurants the lifeline they need through a $120 Billion grant program (now encompassed within the Heroes small business act) The money can be used to cover payroll, rent, ppe and other supplies
  • - The HEROES Small Business Lifeline Act, a comprehensive package of measures that would provide over $370 billion of support to the hardest-hit, most vulnerable small businesses. This Act includes the RESTAURANTS Act and Save our Stages Act which provide dedicated assistance to restaurants, bars, clubs, concert venues, and theaters (more info here) 

NY RENT relief Senate Bill S8865Click the link to send a pre-written letter to your local reps 

    • -This bill could provide critical rent relief to small businesses & landlords devastated by Covid-19

    • -Under the bill, a small business or small non-profit (covered tenants) with 25 or fewer employees that has suffered a demonstrable loss in income resulting from state mandated closures or state imposed restrictions would affirm its losses to the state Department of Financial Services (DFS). Upon verification by DFS, the covered tenant would pay its landlord the lesser of 20 percent of its revenue or ⅓ of the contractual rent per month, beginning March 7, 2020, and continuing for 180 days past the end of the NYS on PAUSE period. 

    • -The landlord would waive 20 percent of the contractual rent. An impacted landlord would be eligible to apply to DFS for lost income beyond the 20 percent. $500,000,000 of expected federal aid would be dedicated to the establishment of a DFS program providing relief to tenants and landlords.

      -Without relief, the landscape of New York City will be changed fundamentally. And forever. Experts predict up to 75% of all restaurants in NY could close. 

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Other Ways YOU Can Help Save Our Storefronts:

    • Call your representatives to support Bill S 8865 and A 10901. For contact info and suggested script, click here;

    • Share this campaign on social media!! You’ll find a social media tool kit here;

    • Send a letter on behalf of your merchant association / BID / Chamber of Commerce / advocacy organization. Click here for a template;

    • Join our in-person press conference and rally as small businesses citywide call out: "SOS! Save Our Storefronts, Save Our State!” Date TBD. This event will be held in full compliance with social distancing and mask mandates.

    • Volunteer to help get the word out! Send an email to with “volunteer” in the subject line

    • More info can be found at